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(506) 2223-1327       Published Wednesday, July 8, 2009,  Vol. 9, No. 133       E-mail us
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Sadly, the happy planet report is mostly ideology
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

A progressive British think tank has pulled off the public relations coup of the month with a press release promoting its happy planet index.

Costa Ricans, based on three variables and a couple of fudge factors, have been crowned the world's happiest people.

The press release came from the New Economic Foundation, which seeks to promote other measures for a nation's success than the production of goods and services.

In addition to Costa Rica, the other top finishers are the Dominican Republic (2), Jamaica (3), Guatemala (4), Vietnam (5) and Colombia (6). The results seem to be correlated highly with the size of the country, although Brazil is rated highly, too.

The report has been a publicity gold mine for Costa Rica. Hardly anyone has looked to the underlying data. Said the report sponsor:

"Costa Ricans report the highest life satisfaction in the world, have the second-highest average life expectancy of the New World (second only to Canada) and have an ecological footprint that means that the country only narrowly fails to achieve the goal of 'one-planet living': consuming its fair share of the Earth's natural resources."

The report itself seems to contradict the organization's press release: "The Index doesn’t reveal the ‘happiest’ country in the world. It shows the relative efficiency with which nations convert the planet’s natural resources into long and happy lives for their citizens. The nations that top the Index aren’t the happiest places in the world, but the nations that score well show that achieving, long, happy lives without over-stretching the planet’s resources is possible."

That part was not included in the press release, which seemed to have been published by uncritical editors the world over, including those at the BBC.

The final index is based on average life expectancy, life satisfaction and ecological footprint. According to the happy planet index,
happy or sad

Costa Ricans have a life expectancy at birth of  78.5 years. That is more than a year longer than the 2009 estimates by the CIA Factbook, which says 77.21. The United States is in the report's 114th place with a life expectancy calculated to be 77.0 years. But the CIA says average U.S. life expectancy is 78.08, more than that of Costa Rica.

The happy planet index used 2005 data, it said.

Life satisfaction comes from results of a single question in a Gallup world poll.

Ecological footprint is the third variable that most strongly reflects the organization's ideology. Said the report: "The ecological footprint of an individual is a measure of the amount of land required to provide for all their resource requirements plus the amount of vegetated land required to sequester (absorb) all their CO2 emissions and the CO2 emissions embodied in the products they consume."

So all the developed countries that import many goods are at an immediate disadvantage. Exporter Costa Rica and others gains points.

The report sets out a "Happy Planet Charter" calling for what the sponsor called an unprecedented collective global effort to develop a new narrative of human progress, encourage good lives that don't cost the Earth, and to reduce consumption in the highest-consuming nations as the biggest barrier to sustainable well-being.

The use of surveys and polls to promote a political view is not a new technique. Firms like Gallup generally do a good job in finding out answers to specific questions, but sometimes others can use the data to express points of views that were not originally intended.

The helper was a crook, break dance producer finds
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The director and producer of a break dance presentation, Miguel Bolaños, became the victim of a theft inside the culture ministry Tuesday morning.

The crime happened when Bolaños arrived to brief newspeople on the August event. He was going to show a movie of a previous production and was adjusting lights.  A man who said that he worked in the ministry offered to help him, said Bolaños.  “He was very friendly, so I accepted his help,” he said.
Bolaños said he went to the bathroom to change his clothes for the presentation. When he returned, the friendly man had disappeared, and also the producer's backpack with his video camera, a laptop, an iPod and 150,000 colons (about $260), he said. “Only five minutes passed, I do not know what happened,” said Bolaños. He said he went to the Judicial Investigating Organization to file a complaint.

The break dance performance that Bolaños was to outline will be held  in Curridabat Aug. 21 to 23.

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Costa Rica
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San José, Costa Rica, Wednesday, July 8, 2009, Vol. 9, No. 133

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Ports in Panamá, Perú
said to be growing fastest

Special to A.M. Costa Rica

The ports of Panamá and Perú are the fastest growing in Latin America, according to a new ranking of the 50 biggest ports in the region. The report came from Latin Business Chronicle.

Limón-Moín on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast continues to be the biggest in Central America, followed by Puerto Cortes in Honduras, Santo Tomas, Puerto Quetzal and Barrios in Guatemala, Caldera on Costa Rica's Pacific coast, Acajutla in El Salvador, Puerto Castilla in Honduras and Corinto in Nicaragua, the Internet business magazine said. The ranking is based on the amount of cargo handled.

Limón-Moín was ranked 10th in Latin America, after such ports as Santos, Brazil;  Colon, Panamá;  Balboa, Panamá, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. The rankings used data from the Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe, said the publication.

Cargo traffic in Balboa has doubled since 2006, the publication said.  Ilo in Peru had the greatest percentage growth although the amount of cargo was far less. The growth was 50.7 percent.

PriceSmart reports increase
in its monthly income

Special to A.M. Costa Rica

PriceSmart, Inc. Tuesday announced that for the month of June net sales increased 4 percent to $95.7 million from $92.0 million in June a year earlier.  For the 10 months ended June 30 net sales increased 13.1% to $1.02 billion from $903.3 million for the 10 months ended June 30, 2008.  There were 26 warehouse clubs in operation at the end of June 2009 compared to 25 warehouse clubs at the end of June 2008, the company said.

PriceSmart, headquartered in San Diego, California, owns and operates U.S.-style membership shopping warehouse clubs in Central America and the Caribbean. There are five in Costa Rica, four in Panamá and one in Nicaragua.

Tico passport renewals
available in New York City

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Costa Ricans in the New York area can now obtain passport renewals at the consulate there, according to the immigration department.

The passport renewals have been available since last week. Ticos make an appointment at the consulate and provide the necessary information, and the passport is issued in San José and sent north by mail, said the Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería. The process takes about three weeks, officials said.

About 60 percent of the requests by Costa Ricans to renew their passports or to have a new one issued are in the New York area, officials said.

The immigration department has made an agreement with the Bank of America to accept money for the process in the United States.

Coast guardsman saves
vacationing 15 year old

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

A Costa Rican coast guardsman in Quepos rescued a 15-year-old swimmer Tuesday when the youth was near drowning, said the Servicio Nacional de Guardacostas of the Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública.

No names were released, but it appears that the coast guardsman based in Quepos was on shore when the youth got in trouble. The youngster was identified as a vacationer. The rescuer was identified as being based at the Estación del Guardacostas en Quepos.

Radio Peace International
founder to talk on media

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

James Latham, founder of Radio for Peace International, is the next guest at the Speaker's Forum. He will talk about the
media July 22 at the Hotel Beacon Boutique in Escazú Centro.

Latham is now living in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, working in a government program to reduce gang violence, said forum organizers.

Radio for Peace international was associated for years with the University for Peace in Ciudad Colón, and it broadcast on the airwaves. Now the station is on the Internet.

Latham's topic is a broad one,
James Latham
James Latham
including the history of the media, technology and control, current media models and how youth are changing the media landscape. He also will outline his views for the future of the media, said organizers in an announcement.

Latham lived in Costa Rica for 12 years and never had to pay an electric bill because he used alternative energy, said organizers.

More information is available at 2289-6333, 8821-4708, or the Beacon Hotel at 2228-3110.

There is a 1,000-colon entrance to the forum, and the audience is encouraged to arrive at 6:30 p.m. for food and refreshments. The talk is at 7 p.m. Parking is available in the garage, and on the street with guards provided by the hotel.  The hotel is 150 meters west of Parque Central and the Escazú Roman Catholic church.

Four cable suspects jailed

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Juzgado Penal de Santa Cruz has ordered four men suspected of stealing telephone cable in the Guanacaste area to be jailed for three months preventative detention while the investigation continues.

The four, identified by the last names of Barrantes Barrantes, Barrantes Molina, Molina Ruiz and Padilla Matarrita, were detained early Monday and agents said they found 500 meters of cable bearing the name of the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad as well as other evidence.

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News of Nicaragua

News of Central America

News of Cuba

News of Venezuela

News of Colombia

News of El Salvador

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Costa Rica
third newspage

Brenes lawyers grpahic
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San José, Costa Rica, Wednesday, July 8, 2009, Vol. 9, No. 133

Chlor free

Arias will try to mediate between opponents in Honduras
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff
and wire service reports

The deposed president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, has accepted an invitation by Costa Rican President and Nobel laureate Oscar Arias to mediate the crisis in Honduras.  The announcement came after Zelaya met with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Tuesday in Washington.  The interim government in Honduras has also agreed to participate in the talks.  The news came on a day when both sides held large demonstrations.

Arias said the negotiations would be held in his home in Rohrmoser starting Thursday morning. Zelaya is expected to arrive in Costa Rica tonight.

In Honduras, chanting "Out with Zelaya," thousands of demonstrators packed the main plaza in downtown Tegucigalpa Tuesday to support the interim govern headed by Roberto Micheletti.  Many of the signs carried by people in the crowd accused the deposed president of being a criminal because of his actions that the country's supreme court ruled were unconstitutional.  Other signs linked Zelaya with Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and former Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

In another part of the city, a large crowd of Zelaya supporters gathered to demand his return and to condemn what they regard as an illegitimate government that came to power by force.  Their demonstration turned quiet, however, when a local radio station began broadcasting a telephone interview with Zelaya in which he said he had agreed to participate in talks mediated by Arias.

Zelaya expressed confidence in President Arias and said he hoped the interim government would take measures to guarantee peace in the country.

President Arias accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987 for his efforts to end the armed conflicts that raged in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala during the 1980s. His main effort was directed at negotiating an end to the conflict between the leftist Sandinistas in Nicaragua and the U.S.-backed Contras, who were based in Honduras. 

Initial reaction to the Arias-mediated talks has been positive in Honduras, where many people not involved politically are waiting on the sidelines, hoping for a swift resolution of the crisis that began on June 28 when soldiers forced Zelaya to leave the country.  The action was quickly condemned by governments around the world as a coup d'etat and led the Organization of American States to suspend Honduras from its membership.

But those who support the Honduran interim government contend that Mr. Zelaya's removal was not a coup, but a proper legal action to remove a lawbreaker from power.  Under the Honduran constitution, they contend President Zelaya was guilty of several crimes including an attempt to change the law prohibiting a second term so that he could remain in office.  

Mrs. Clinton met reporters after meeting with Zelaya Tuesday. It was the highest-level U.S. show of support thus far for Zelaya. The United States opposed the coup and has refused to recognize the interim government despite Micheletti's assertion that Mr. Zelaya was legally removed.

Although the Obama administration has called for Mr. Zelaya's unconditional return to office, Clinton did not repeat that statement in her brief news conference, saying she did not want to prejudge what the parties might agree 
Zelaya and the Arias brothers
Casa Presidencial file photo
Zelaya talks at a press conference hosted by Óscar and Rodrigo Arias at Juan Santamaría airport June 28 after the ousted Honduran president was brought here in his pajamas.

to in the Arias mediation effort, which she said she hoped would begin immediately.

Zelaya has threatened to make another attempt to return home, even though a flight carrying him and other Latin American leaders was barred from landing in Tegucigalpa Sunday.

Mrs. Clinton made clear she hoped Zelaya would forgo such an attempt and allow the Costa Rican-based mediation effort to proceed. "We hope at the end of this mediation will be a return of democratic constitutional order that is agreed to by all concerned. The exact nature of that, the specifics of it, we will leave to the parties themselves, as I think now is appropriate. I was heartened that President Zelaya agreed with this. I believe it is a better route for him to follow at this time than to attempt to return in the face of the implacable opposition of the de facto regime. And so instead of another confrontation that might result in a loss of life, let's try the dialogue process," she said.

Zelaya supporters clashed at the Tegucigalpa airport on Sunday with Honduran security forces. At least one person was killed.

Mrs. Clinton announced the mediation effort as a delegation of Hondurans supporting the Zelaya ouster led by former president Ricardo Maduro were meeting members of the U.S. Congress, some of whom criticize Zelaya as a disciple of leftist Venezuelan President Chávez.

U.S. Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, ranking Republican on the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, said Zelaya had trampled the law by seeking to hold an illegal referendum to extend his rule.

But in a speech in Moscow, President Barack Obama again defended the administration's handling of the crisis, saying it opposes extra-legal means of political change.

Arias said he would be assisted in the negotiations by Bruno Stagno, the foreign minister, and that his brother, Rodrigo Arias, the minister of the Presidencia, would return from his visit to the U.S. Southern Command in Florida to participate.

Arias said he hoped the result would be a definitive solution and that he received great satisfaction knowing that he could participate as a mediator in this conflict.

Nation's ombudsman expresses concern on Osa development
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Defensoría de los Habitantes has weighed in against uncontrolled construction in the municipalities of Osa and Golfito in the south Pacific coast. This includes the pristine Parque Nacional Corcovado on the Osa Peninsula.

The Defensoría cited absences of zoning plans and permissiveness in granting permits. The agency called for development with respect for nature.

The Defensoría noted that it had raised concerns about the area years ago when there were only four planes reguladores or zoning plans in Golfito and only nine in Osa. The surge in tourism in the last 10 years has resulted in more rapid construction, and in the Cantón de Osa alone in 2007 there were 406 construction permits approved, said the Defensoría. That was an increase of 202 percent, it said. The Defensoría based its conclusions on studies done by the Escuela de Biología of the Universidad de Costa Rica and the Estado de La Nación report, it said. The Canón de Osa is not confined to the peninsula. It includes land along the Pacific coast to Dominical.

The areas that have had the most development are very fragile, the Defensoría said, specifying the Laguna de Sierpe, the biological corridor along the Pacific coast and the reefs of the Parque Nacional Marino Ballena. The agency also noted the propensity for developers to construct their projects on slopes for the ocean view. Of 33 projects
along the coast, 25 are located on land categorized as protected or of limited use, said the Defensoría. There are constructions on wetlands, water courses, primary forests, aquifers and protected zones, according to recent sweeps by officials, said the Defensoría, adding that some projects lacked permits.

The Defensoría cited studies that suggested that development would have major environmental consequences, including the destruction of the land and sea biodiversity, soil erosion and slides and threats to the water supply.

The Defensoría criticized the use of agricultural laws and rules to construct non-agricultural uses, such as condos and subdivisions. Many developers divide their lands into 2.5 hectare tracts that bring them under the agricultural category even though the proposed use is a dwelling.

The agency noted that it has issued negative reports on this topic to the Municipalidad de Osa, the last being a year ago. The Tribunal Ambiental Administrativo in the Ministerio de Ambiente, Energía y Telecomunicaciones has made sweeps in the area and found violations in Ojochal, Uvita, Dominical, Dominicalito, Bahía Ballena and Ventanas, the Defensoría noted.

The agency did not take any legal steps, but Daniel Soley, deputy defensor, issued a call for government officials to act responsibly so as not to put in danger the environment.

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A.M. Costa Rica
fourth news page

Real estate
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San José, Costa Rica, Wednesday, July 8, 2009, Vol. 9, No. 133

Our readers' opinions on prices and Honduran politics
Why are many prices here
much higher than elsewhere?

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Why does it have to be this way in Costa Rica?

One of the subjects most discussed by expats here is the cost of living in Costa Rica. I’m speaking of everyday needs such as food products, cleaning items and in general all household items. You can extend this to appliances small and large, televisions, and computers and beyond. I have recently returned from a vacation in México and after two days into a 12-day vacation, I was awed by the differences.

First of all, I was ill when I arrived there with an ear and throat infection. I visited a doctor without prior appointment, and I was seen within 30 minutes. She spent about 25 minutes with me and diagnosed my problem and wrote a prescription for four different pharmacy medications including antibiotics. Also, a bottle of medicine from a homeopathic store.

All told, the doctor and the medications came to $27. When I returned to Costa Rica, I had only one of the prescriptions re-filled and the cost was $22 for just that one. Why?

I inquired in the pharmacy in México about medications that I take daily for blood pressure and my heart and purchased three-month supply for the same price as one month here in Costa Rica. Why?

I made an effort the rest of my vacation to check and compare prices in México to prices in Costa Rica. The difference is mind boggling. Besides having an abundance of choices in the food markets and elsewhere, the prices were less than 50 percent of what we pay here. The service was much better also. Especially in restaurants. They were working for a good tip whereas in Costa Rica it’s in the check, so who cares.

I couldn’t empty my coffee. Someone was filling it before I could finish.

Recently here, I wanted to purchase contact lenses. They come in a box of six. The cost here is $60 per box. I ordered them from the States for $14 for the same box, same brand. I ordered eight boxes, and with postage it was the same price as two boxes here. Why?

Yesterday, I went to the hardware store to buy a lock for my front door. The price as usual was not on the product. I inquired and was told that is cost 11,600 colons. I sent my Tico employee to the store later and he was quoted 7,600 colons for the same lock. He told me they have two price codes. One for Gringos, and one for Ticos. Why?

I followed a product (ceiling fan) from a Canadian lighting importer here. Her cost to receive this item after the cost of the fan, taxes, import fees, shipping, etc., is $160. She sells it to stores here for $220. I’ve seen it in three different stores here for $399 to $499. Why?

So this leads to my question. Who is making all of this profit, and why does it have to be this way in Costa Rica?

I wish a reporter from your paper would take it upon themselves to investigate some products from the source to the market place and see who is making all of this money. I don’t believe it’s the import taxes as that is what most people answer to that question.

Maybe the profiteers are the ones in the $100,000-plus cars riding around Escazú and San José.

Tom Ploskina

EDITOR'S NOTE: Part of the higher costs are the social charges employers have to pay, and then some expats have pointed out that key materials are sold here by private monopolies.
Situation in Honduras
full of double standards

Dear A.M. Costa Rica:

Let me say right up front that I have no dog in this political fight of Honduran President Zelaya’s ouster. I am only an observer, and what I see is the hypocrisy or the double standard game being played on a shameful scale.

We must first be reminded that Honduras holds an importance on the world’s political and economic stage somewhat similar to Luxembourg, in other words, next to none. There are no oil or uranium or gold deposits woven into a hidden agenda. If producing top grade bananas makes Honduras worthy of international importance, then that is new to me.

Honduras, of course, is important to Hondurans and should be. They are fighting a pitched battle among themselves for power with the ouster of President Zelaya and the attempts to restore him to the presidency. This is solely an internal affair of Honduras by any stretch of the mind by impartial persons, for it clearly falls under the concept of “national sovereignty.” This concept entitles a nation to do whatever it wants within its territory, including human rights abuses, oppression, conduct fraudulent elections under the guise of a free democracy, and get away with it.

Need it be pointed out the examples of what was tolerated in Zimbabwe, Tibet, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Cuba, and others to show how to show the validity, i.e., universal acceptance of the concept “national sovereignty”? So why should Honduras not have the right to exercise its sovereignty without outside intervention? Because of the double standard game being played in Latin American.

It is easily understandable that the movement “Bolivarian Alternative for Latin American,” known as ALBA, representing “popular socialism” and led by Hugo Chávez, would want to add to member nations, and they have a new member in Honduras with Zelaya as president, for Honduras had become a member of ALBA.

But when Zelaya was ousted by the conservative powers, which, by the way, put him in the presidency, in a quasi-legal manner, there was no military coup, as falsely repeated in the media. The army acted on orders of the supreme court. Then ratification of the appointment of the new president by legal powers, the Supreme Court and the Congress meant a setback for ALBA. It was going to lose a member.

“Can’t have that,” as Chávez cried, hitting the alarm button. “Time to pull out the double standard ploy, and call my fellow travelers to join in the fray of another country.” So Daniel Ortega, Rafael Correa, and Christina Fernandez, president of Argentina, quickly became front line soldiers in the battle to have Zelaya back in power.

The amazing thing in all this is how hastily the Organization of American States, the United Nations, and the U.S. jumped on the bandwagon by condemning Zelaya’s removal. There was no prudent waiting period, no let’s hear both sides of the story before pronouncing, no encouragement of working something out by talking, no consideration of a blood bath in the making. The pronouncement was simply “Zelaya’s ouster was a coup, something unacceptable, and he must be restored to the presidency.” The ALBA-ites loved that; all the more reason to shout louder.

So what have my observations lead me to conclude? Countries that produce bananas are not entitled to enjoy “national sovereignty. International organizations play the double standard game regarding national sovereignty. Absolute BS demagoguery is reported by the media as the truth. A lot of blood is going to flow in the streets of Honduras because it furthers ALBA’s cause.
Walter Fila
Ciudad Colón

Cala del Sol dispolay

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Costa Rica
fifth news page

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San José, Costa Rica, Wednesday, July 8, 2009, Vol. 9, No. 133

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New position paper backs
veggie diets against disease

Special to A.M. Costa Rica

The American Dietetic Association has released an updated position paper on vegetarian diets that concludes such diets, if well-planned, are healthful and nutritious for adults, infants, children and adolescents and can help prevent and treat chronic diseases including heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

The association's position, published in the July issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, represents its official stance on vegetarian diets.

It is the position of the American Dietetic Association that appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life-cycle including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood and adolescence and for athletes, the association said.

The position and accompanying paper were written by Winston Craig, professor and chairman of the Department of Nutrition and Wellness at Andrews University; and Reed Mangels, nutrition advisor at the Vegetarian Resource Group, Baltimore, Maryland.

The revised position paper incorporates new topics and additional information on key nutrients for vegetarians, vegetarian diets in the life cycle and the use of vegetarian diets in prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, the association said. “Vegetarian diets are appropriate for all stages of the life cycle,” according to position. “There are many reasons for the rising interest in vegetarian diets. The number of vegetarians in the United States is expected to increase over the next decade.”

Vegetarian diets are often associated with health advantages including lower blood cholesterol levels, lower risk of heart disease, lower blood pressure levels and lower risk of hypertension and type 2 diabetes, according to association, adding: “Vegetarians tend to have a lower body mass index and lower overall cancer rates. Vegetarian diets tend to be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol and have higher levels of dietary fiber, magnesium and potassium, vitamins C and E, folate, carotenoids, flavonoids and other phytochemicals. These nutritional differences may explain some of the health advantages of those following a varied, balanced vegetarian diet.”

The position paper draws on results from the American Dietetic Association's evidence analysis process to show vegetarian diets can be nutritionally adequate in pregnancy and result in positive maternal and infant health outcomes. Additionally, an evidence-based review showed a vegetarian diet is associated with a lower risk of death from ischemic heart disease, it said.

A section in the paper on vegetarian diets and cancer has been significantly expanded to provide details on cancer-protective factors in vegetarian diets. An expanded section on osteoporosis includes roles of fruits, vegetables, soy products, protein, calcium, vitamins D and K and potassium in bone health. “Registered dietitians can provide information about key nutrients, modify vegetarian diets to meet the needs of those with dietary restrictions due to disease or allergies and supply guidelines to meet needs of clients in different areas of the lifecycle,” the authors said.

The American Dietetic Association is the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals.
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A.M. Costa Rica
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San José, Costa Rica, Wednesday, July 8, 2009, Vol. 9, No. 133

Latin American news digest
Nation's little olympics
under way in Limón

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Juegos Nacionales del Caribe 2009 are taking place through Saturday in the Provincia de Limón. This is the competition among the nation's top high school athletes.

An estimated 4,155 youngsters from 71 cantons of the country are involved. President Óscar Arias Sánchez inaugurated the games Tuesday in the Polideportivo de Guápiles.

There are 18 official sports, including boxing, soccer and swimming. Events are taking place in Pococí, Guácimo, Siquirres, Matina, Limón and Talamanca as well as Guápiles.

The games are organized by the Instituto Costarricense del Deportes y la Recreación. Last year the games were in Heredia.

Police chase and capture
pair after gun threat

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Fuerza Pública officers chased and captured two they said pulled a gun on officers at a police checkpoint.

The incident happened in Zapote when police tried to pull over a vehicle for a routine check. One of the men in the car pulled a gun but did not use it.  Then those in the vehicle fled to Curridabat where they threw away the firearm and then tried to lose police near San Francisco de Dos Ríos, said Jorge Calderón, a captain in the force.

Police on motorcycles managed to catch up with two suspects and arrest them. They were identified as a 34-year-old man with the last names of Castro Abarca and a 21 year old with the last names of Ibarra Hernández, said Calderón.

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