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San José, Costa Rica, Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016, Vol. 17, No. 193

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Business advisers and resources (paid category)

Motor vehicles and boats (paid category)

2011 Fiat 500 POP, three-door, black/grey, manual, gas, full extras including Bluetooth, 65,200 kms. Great city car. Owner left country already and reduced price to $10,750. RTV current until Sept 2017. Cell: 8407-7042 Email: scott@pralinsky.com.

Vehicle rental (paid category)

Sun Valley


Sun Valley Rent a Car

Over 20 years serving the English-speaking community.
Cars from $200 - $285 per week! Everything Included, NO additional charges! SUV’s also available!

FREE Additional Driver
FREE Mileage
FREE 24-hour Road Service
FREE Child Seat

Call: (506) 2282-7013 / 2203-4443
Email:  info@sunvalleyrentacar.com
See us on Facebook HERE!

Your friendly Car Rental Service in Costa Rica!!

U.S. Tax and Accounting

Articles for sale (paid category)

Entertainment  (paid category)

Online Sheet Music

Sports (paid category)


Household furnishings

Fine Funiture rollover
Fine Furniture of Sarchi - Sarchi, Costa Rica
All our handcrafted products are made in Sarchi with pride and quality by artisans who are dedicated to designing, crafting, and delivering our furniture to you. Please visit our website and send us a picture and specifications of what YOU like, or just send us pictures from anywhere you wish. We will quote you right back with a more than competitive price and an on-time delivery date. Delivery and set up available throughout Costa Rica. We have different Costa Rican woods from which you may choose. 
Contact information:
Adolfo's Cell 506-8831-4306
 Tom in the USA 803-261-6000
E-mail: Info@FineFurnitureOfSarchi.com

Good things to eat and enjoy (paid category)

Books and information (paid category)

Your Costa Rica library
Find the books you need to make your trip here special. Find the books you need to make living here perfect. Guides, animal and plant identification, history, culture. See our bookstore for access to Amazon.com. Click HERE!

Schools and Instruction (paid category)

Investments (paid category)

Health products and services (paid category)

Here's reasonable medical care
Costa Rica's world class medical specialists are at your command. Get the top care for much less than U.S. prices. It is really a great way to spend a vacation. See our list of recommended professionals HERE

Financial services (paid category)

When considering an investment opportunity in Costa Rica, A.M. Costa Rica editors encourage you to obtain first-class professional advice before sending money.

Business opportunities (paid category)

Live the dream!
Several profitable businesses, including a regional radio station, are for sale in Costa Rica. Certain purchases can provide the new owner with residency as well as a great lifestyle. So live your dream while making a profit. Contact: manager@crbusiness.biz.

Services (paid category)

Moving to Costa Rica or Back to the U.S.?
  10 Years of Happy Clients
Canadian English or Spanish Spoken
Excellent Service, Competitive Prices
Call  (772) 361-1050
Email:   shippingcostarica@gmail.com
Our Web:  http://shippingcostarica.com
Free Ebook: How To Import to Costa Rica HERE!
Mr Darin Ricco

Personals (paid category)

Animals (variable category)

Asociación Pro Bienestar Animal (McKee Jaco) invites you to be a part of one of our projects.  Spay/neuter – education – adoption – all those projects need volunteers and sponsors.  For more information go to our website at www.mckee-jaco.com or send us an email at info@mckee-jaco.com

Dogland Shelter in San Ramón - A Dog City in the Clouds
Have you ever seen a Dog City? Dogland is just such a city. A dog city with over 150 residents in the mountains of San Ramón. No cages, open spaces, no kennels, they live in small houses. Come and learn how you can help keep this unique & magical shelter open. You can help by adopting one of our angels, and if you can't adopt, you can sponsor a dog. Sponsoring a dog is easy, and you can always stop by for a visit.
follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Fundación Ateniense de Ayuda a Animales Abandonados
Atenas Foundation for Helping Abandoned Animals
Tierschutzverein Hilfe für herrenlose Tiere Atenas
  Our main goal is to stop the suffering of the many many street dogs and cats in our area.More about us here: www.costa-rica-live.com/AnimalesAtenas/index.html

For those looking for new furry friends, please check our adoption section:

The group always needs volunteers. If you see any possibility for support and
assistance - don't hesitate and contact us: e-mail AnimalesAtenasCR@aol.com


Don't discriminate - adopt a mutt! Lots of abandoned dogs and cats looking for loving homes. Refugio de Animales - San Rafael de Heredia. 2267-7158/6374 e-mail:      spaycostarica@yahoo.com       www.animalsheltercostarica.com AHPPA is affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States and the RSPCA of Great Britain.

Pest control  (paid category)

Announcements (variable category)

Are you troubled by someone's drinking?
Al-Anon  can help!  Call:    8993-1762  or 2228-1049 for information on
English-language meeting times/places.

Marine Corps League
The Costa Rica Detachment of the Marine Corps League has been formed and is now functioning. Our meetings are held at 11 a.m. on the second Saturday of every month. We are looking for a few more good men and women Marines and Navy FMF Corpsmen. Please contact Commandant Bill Enell mcleaguecr@yahoo.com

English-speaking Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Puntarenas/Barranca/Robles area. Anyone interested in attending an English-speaking  Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting  in this area contact Jorge at 8306-3552 or e-mail

PC Club of Costa Rica. Visit: www.pcclub.net or call Chuck at 2266-0123 or Bill at 2228-0190.

Sporting goods for sale (paid category)

Articles for sale or free (free category for individuals)

High pressure, steel hyperbaric oxygen chamber for two persons.
It is six feet high. The diameter is four feet, and the weight is 600 pounds. Equipped with an oilless air compressor, large oxygen tank, 2 breathing regulators with CPR's for oral or nasal breathing, a muffler, two chairs, gauges, hoses, and plexiglas windows in the roof and door. complete set-up and instruction included. Price $9,500. for more information call John Erb @2554-8101 or 8714-0939; email jerbpe@gmail.com

Estate Sale - Quality, Upscale, gently used furniture & more.  http://tinyurl.com/EstateSaleCR

Electric rototiller, $150; rotary lawnmower, $200; 4-foot-by-8 foot trailer with detachable sides, $600; Eccotemp 40-HI propane instant water heater (new), $400: propane heater, $120; 220-volt room heater, $150; Yamaha Z-200 keyboard with stand and pedal, $200; Oreck XL21 upright vacuum cleaner, $150; Canon i9900 photo quality color printer with extra ink, $200: two Hunter ceiling fans, $150 each; 5-foot-high floor safe, $200; Spanish guitar, $80. Email: tangellico@yahoo.com. Will send photo and more info.

Samsung Galaxy 4S, unlocked, excellent condition, $150; hand cart (dolly), $30; large-lightweight suitcase and small carry on, $18; leather Dingo boots 8.5D, $25; IOMEGA USB wireless kit computer to TV, $50.   Grecia  2454-1240.

Wanted to buy or receive  (free category)

Looking to buy a used pool table in good condition at a reasonable price, also a ping pong table. We are in Atenas. Please send information to:  twittermania@live.com


La suscrita, Martha Jean Smith, mayor, de único apellido en razón de su nacionalidad estadounidense. Casada una vez, Empresaria, vecina de 8654 Wellington Loop, Kissimmee, Florida, Carne de passaporte numero 478658438, en mi condición de Presidenta de la sociedad de denominada "Grifo de Plata S.A.", cedula jurídica número 3-101-178299, sociedad propietaria de todo el capital social de Siola S.A., cedula jurídica número 3-101-41216, convoco a Asamblea General y Extraordinaria de Accionistas de la sociedad Grifo de Plata S.A., la cual se celebra a las 9:00 horas, de12 de Ocubre del año 2016, en Bufete de Muñoz y Asociados, Sita San José, Costa Rica, Barrio Naciones Unidas, doscientos metros oeste y cien sur La Norte Gasolinera Delta, para conocer el siguiente Orden del Día: En Asamblea Ordinaria de Socios:
1-Venta del Piso Numero 11 de Edificio Centro Colón, Paseo Colón, San José, Costa Rica, Matrícula Número F-cero cero cero doscientos tres-cero cero cero, mide Que 1.012 metros cuadradosy dos parqueos Que mide 12 metros Cuadrados Cada Uno linea La planta baja de Edificio Centro Colón Que en son totales TODAS LAS Propiedad de Siola. S.A., mira aprobacion de Decisiones de Asemblea de 2014.
2.- Varios. In Caso Que No Habia ONU quórum En La Primera Convocatoria, SE CONVOCA UNA Segunda, Una hora despues, La que se realizara válidamente con las shares acciones presentadas:
A- El reembolso Condiciones A- por Todos Los Gastos incurridos por Todos Los Accionistas cargas párr De Viaje, Impuestos, Alimentación y Alojamiento or other Gastos Relacionados Con La Representación de los Accionistas ES Las Juntas.
B- auditoría de los registros financieros de Siola, para historie en todos.
C. Reembolso De Jerome Jr. y Otros Accionistas Que presenten Solicitud de reembolso Condiciones de los Gastos de Tiempo y en Lo que sé refiere a la Compañía. S.A. acquerdo los decisones de Accionistas Tomada previamente.
D. Desestimar agente residente y director general sobre la base de descuido de sus responsabilidades fiduciaries.
E.  Registro en Relación con las Decisiones Tomadas pecado Tener en Cuenta a los Deberes fiduciarios.
F. Aprobacion del Informe anual 2014-2015 de lo ejerciio para examinacion del Ejercicio de Zediy Murillo.
G. Pendiente de la finalización de la CPA, aprobacion del Informe de anual 2015-2016.
H.  Distribuciones de divendes de Acuerdo conservalamente Estimados, en Lo que sé refiere a Las Próximas Impuestos y Cantidad de reserva.

 aa) La consideración de la formación de un fideicomiso en lugar de un S.A. como el vehículo para el negocio.

bb) El examen de auditoría judicial para descubrir la impulsoras de la disparidad de los ingresos no certificables y otros relacionados con el uso de los fondos que prohíben una contabilidad certificable de ser completado hasta el momento por el pasado.

cc) Anulación de la reunión # 2 en el año 2014 debido a 1. no autorizado presidente ad-hoc, 2. Ausencia del presidente que se informó a la reunión se retrasaría hasta su regreso, y 3. Fue entonces posteriormente informó falsamente que la segunda reuniones era exactamente el mismo que el primero, 4. falta de representación de los accionistas autorizado Catalina Carlblom, cuya persona o abogado proxy no estaba presente o consciente de la votación declarado que alega se llevó a cabo en cuestiones importantes.

dd) el despido del agente residente y director general para el abandono fiduciaria no autorizado.

ee) Otros temas presentados por los accionistas
Firmado un Las doce horas, el 26 de Septembre Año 2016 en Kissimmee, Florida, EE.UU.
Martha Jean Smith,
Presidenta de Grifo de Plata, S.A.
CALL TO MEETING of General and Extraordinary
of the member of Grifo de Plata, S.A:
1-Sale of 11th Floor of Edificio Centro Colon, Paseo Colon, San Jose, Costa Rica, registration number F-zero zero zero two hundred and three-zero-zero-zero, measuring 1.012 meters cuadradosy two parking spaces measuring 12 square meters each in the ground floor of Building Centro Colon which in total are all owned by Siola. S.A., considering approval decision of 2014.
2. Various. If there was no quorum in the first call, a second summons, an hour later, which will be held shares validly submitted:
A- Reimbursement for all expenses incurred by all shareholders for travel charges, taxes, food and accommodation or other related representation of shareholders at meetings expenses.
B- Audit of Financial Records of Siola, entire history.
C- Reimbursement to Jerome Jr. and other shareholders submitting request for reimbursement of expenses of time and in regard to the Company. Inc. according to  the shareholders decisions previously taken.
D- Dismiss resident agent and general manager on basis of neglect of fiduciary duties.
E- Register in respect of the decisions taken without regard to the duties Fiduciaries
F- Adoption of the report model D- ejerciio 2014-2015 annual exercise for examination Zediy Murillo.
G- Pending the completion of the CPA, approval of annual report 2015-2016.
H- distributions estimated according to conservative measures, in regard to the next tax and amount of reserve.
aa) Consideration of formation of a Trust rather than an S.A. as the vehicle for the business.
bb) Consideration of Judicial Audit to discover the souce of disparity of non-certifiable receipts and other related use of funds prohibiting a certifiable accounting from being completed thus far for the past.
cc) Nullification of meeting #2 in 2014 due to 1. non-authorized ad-hoc president, 2. abscence of the president who was informed the meeting would be delayed until her return, 3. and was then subsequently falsely informed that the 2nd meeting was EXACTLY the same as the first, 4. absence of representation for authorized shareholder Catherine Carlblom, whose person or attorney proxy was not present or aware of the stated vote she allegedly held on important issues.
dd) dismissal of the resident agent and general manager for unauthorized fiduciary neglect.
ee) Other issues presented by the shareholders.
signed on September 26 at 2:00 p.m. in Kissimmee, Florida, USA.

Martha Jean Smith
President, Grifo de Plata, S.A.

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