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Our policies

A.M. Costa Rica classifieds are the most economical way to reach thousands of people each day.

Classified advertising in A.M. Costa Rica includes free categories and categories that require paid insertions.

In either case, we would ask that you limit your classified to eight to 10 typewritten lines in normal typeface.

Paid categories

1. Under real estate (http://www.amcostarica.com/realestate.htm)

a. real estate for sale
b. accommodations offered
c. real estate services
d. real estate for rent
e. businesses for sale
f. ads seeking investments

Free categories include accommodations wanted and real estate wanted. Free categories here and elsewhere are designed for occasional submissions by readers. Persons who are making announcements as part of a commercial enterprise are expected to place paid advertising.

2. All tourism categories (http://www.amcostarica.com/tourism.htm) are paid.

3. Some main classified page categories (http://www.amcostarica.com/classifieds.htm) are paid sections:

a. motor vehicles for sale
b. services offered
c.  investments
d. good things to eat
e. religious services
f. personals
g. services

4. All employment categories (http://www.amcostarica.com/employment.htm) will continue to be free for individuals and firms that are not employment agencies.

5. The professional directory will continue to be a paid category.


As of June 1, 2011, the weekly rate for a classified ad is $15. 

The monthly rate is $30.
A six-month contract for a classified text ad is $180.
A one-year contract for a classified text ad is $360.

A small graphic (up to 150 pixels by 150 pixels maximum) may be included for an additional $5. That's bigger than the size of an average rectangular postage stamp.

The monthly rate with a photo is $35. ($420 a year)
The monthly rate for two photos or equivalent is $40. ($480 a year)
The monthly rate for three photos
or equivalent is $45. ($540 a year)

There are no discounts on classified ads.

How to submit your classified:

1. Consider what you wish to sell and under what category it should be listed. If the ad fits within one of the free categories, simply send it to classifieds@amcostarica.com

2. If the classified advertising is within a paid category, we will let you know the cost and where you can make payment. Prices are given in dollars, but we also accept colons at the current rate of exchange. Mail your ad to classifieds@amcostarica.com. We usually will start your ad in anticipation of payment within two business days.

3. Within Costa Rica deposit can be made to our corporation, Consultantes Río Colorado S.A. at Banco Nacional branches:

dollars: 100-02-000-617222-5
colones: 100-01-000-213071-4 (at the current rate of exchange)

Such deposits frequently can be made electronically if you have a Banco Nacional account.

If you have an account with another Costa Rican bank, you can make the deposit electronically via the Sistema Interbancario de Negociacón y Pagos Electrónicos (SINPE). Those extended account numbers are:

colones:  15100010012130712

dollars:  15100010026172223

You also will need the cédula juridica of our corporation, Consultantes Río Colorado S.A.:  3101290170

Using SINPE costs a few dollars, depending on the bank, but it sure beats standing in line.

4. For wire transfers, you will need the the full account number

dollars:  15100010026172223

and the new IBAN number assigned by the Banco Central:


Tips for writing a good classified ad

Keep the text short but be specific.

Try to use an e-mail link that will be checked daily. People are in a buying mood when they review classified advertising, so they need a quick response. Consider creating a disposable e-mail address with Yahoo or Hotmail to prevent spamming of your personal account.

Include the link to your relevant Web site and to the specific page dedicated to what you are selling. Multiple links are acceptable in a classified ad.

Multiple properties are acceptable in real estate ads, but each property should be no more than one or two lines.

Try to include a price so readers can see if they are eligible to be buyers.

Write in standard English an try to avoid those old abbreviations used in printed pages.

A.M. Costa Rica offices
Our offices are in Barri Otoya in the
northern part of San José just 175 meters
west of Hospital Calderón Guardia,

Phone: 2223-1327

FAX: 2223-1190

5. We also accept payment through PayPal. If you are not a PayPal member, it's easy to join, and the company gives you incentives for joining. The Web site is highly secure because the firm is owned by eBay, the on-line auction company.

Pay Pal link

You can use your PayPal account for many other payments and avoid long bank lines.

PayPal also accepts major credit cards, so your payment is encrypted and securely handled by bonded workers in the United States. If you choose to open an account in Pay Pal, I suggest using whatever U.S. address you might have because the firm still has not reached agreement with the very territorial local banks and credit card companies here.

Our payment address once you are inside Pay Pal's Web site is:


Or you can use this shortcut:

(Sometimes this does not work from Latin America.)

By mail or hand-delivery

5. If you live in the Escazú vicinity, we also accept checks at Starbox at the Centro Comercial Galerias, local office #6, at San Rafael de Escazu,  Phone numbers  2228-2991  or  2228-6231. Consultantes Río Colorado S.A. is customer 11. The check should be made out to the corporate name:

Consultantes Río Colorado S.A.

Our office is in Barrio Otoya on Avenida 11 between calles 13 and 15. In Costa Rican terms were are 175 meters west of Hospital Calderón Guardia en Edificio Teral I on the third floor in office 3. Hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

6.  Checks may be mailed in Costa Rica to

Consultantes Río Colorado
Apdo. 12909-1000
San José

7. From North America, checks may be mailed to our courier service in Miami:

Consultantes Río Colorado
SB 11
P.O. Box 025292
Miami, FL 33102-5292

We like to be paid within two business days of starting the ad. For bank deposits, we need to have the transaction number and the date deposited. But we do not need a fax of the receipt. Just send us an e-mail.


If you have any doubts, please contact the Advertising Director.

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