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Volcano ash again shuts down air transportation
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Mother Nature delivered another blow to the country Thursday when an eruption of the Turriabla volcano led to the closing of Juan Santamaría airport in Alajuela and the Tobias Bolaños runway in Pavas.

Both airports were in the direct line of ash being blown west from the volcano.

Six flights from the United States were diverted, and two flights from closer airports were canceled. They were flights from Mexico City and Managua, Nicaragua. Others were listed as delayed more than five to seven hours. Departures were shut down, too.

Officials have plans to open the airport early today after the ash is removed and if the volcano remains quiet. Workers were on the job early today.

This is the second time in two months that the volcano's dusting of ash closed the airport. The ash makes the runways slippery and also can damage the aircraft engines.

Turrialba is not the only American volcano blowing its top. The most impressive is Calbuco in Chile which has generated a state of emergency there. The entire Pacific coast of both continents is part of the so-called Ring of Fire that is known for seismic and volcanic activity.

The eruption in Chile Wednesday generated a 15-kilometer plume of ash that

Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico photo
Turrialba continued to perk at dusk after the late afternoon eruption, as seen in this photo from the monitoring camera.

shut down airports in that country and in adjacent Argentina.

The U.S. Geological Survey said that the plume from the 4:23 p.m. eruption headed nearly due west over the communities north of San José Centro and over the Nicoya peninsula.  Locations near the volcano may have gotten as much as a half inch of ash, said the Survey.

The Red Sismológica Nacional said that seismic activity preceded the eruption by some eight hours.

Videos captured the eruption and show that strong winds captured the blast of ash and gas from Turrialba and swept it westward.

Arts festival hampered by lack of sound and lights
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Festival Internacional de las Artes 2015 got off to a rocky start Thursday. Government officials canceled activities planned for the canton of Acosta because an accord could not be reached with the firm providing the lights and sound systems.

The outdoor musical events planned for Acosta this weekend and those scheduled in Alajuelita are being moved to the Centro Nacional de la Cultura, the ministry complex, on Avenida 7 in San José.

Government officials pulled the plug on the Acosta events even as the public was gathering for a promised 2 p.m. inauguration and others were setting up food stalls.

The 6 p.m inauguration did take place in Alajuelita.
The La Cruz de Alajuelita was illuminated.  President Luis Guillermo Solis gave a welcome. He was accompanied by his wife, Mercedes Peñas; Victor Hugo Chavarria, mayor of Alajuelita, and Elizabeth Fonseca, minister of Cultura y Juventud.

A street parade was pure Costa Rican with mascaradas, some on stilts, the cimarrona street bands and young women in elaborate Mardi Gras costumes.

Still, the public will have to consult the
Municipalidad de Alajuelita photo
She is one of many young women who marched with elaborate costumes.

festival Web page to find out where their favorite groups will perform. The events planned indoors in locations such as the Teatro Municipal de Desamparados and the auditorium at Parque La Libertad will go on as scheduled. Many of the presentations planned for Thursday night have been moved to today and Saturday.

Many of the outdoor presentations appear to be moving to the downtown culture ministry, although there is limited space there. Officials said that only 450 persons can be accommodated.

LuzArt S.A., the sound and light firm, issued a statement that did not address the conflict between it and the government directly.

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