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Toll-Free: +1 (888) 6639764
Costa Rica: +506 4010 3333


We offers you the latest and the most technologically advanced dental implants available anywhere at an affordable cost.



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How To Import to Costa Rica HERE!

Moving to Costa Rica
or Back to the U.S.?

10 Years of Happy Clients. Canadian English or Spanish Spoken Excellent Service, Competitive Prices

Phone  (772) 361-1050

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For more information visit
Costa Rica Immigration and
 Moving Experts site

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Full-service Immigration  & Relocation Agency. Assisted hundreds of individuals & families in  acquiring their legal status here in Costa Rica. Always provide you with up-to-date information and competitive pricing. Respond to and will immediately address all of your questions & concerns regarding the residency process. Other specific related services available as well.


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Phones 8305-3149
or 2256-8620
E-mail jrtb_1999@yahoo.com

James Brohl, C.P.A. & M.B.A.

US Income Tax,  U.S. GAAP Accounting
& Business Consulting

Specializing in all matters of concern to U.S. taxpayers residing abroad including:

IRS filing requirements of foreign income exclusion (up to $108,700 for 2021).
• Past-due tax returns: Taxpayers filing before an IRS notice do not face criminal sanctions.
• Reporting foreign financial assets: FBAR and foreign corporations.
• Up-to-date FATCA news.
• All US Tax return preparation: individual, business, estate and trust.
• eFile returns: Secure with faster refunds.
• Business consulting to facilitate working in Costa Rica.

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Phones: (506) 2667-0906
              (506) 2667-0912
Email: dcortez@grupodoit.com
Please visit: DoItCenterFoundation.com
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Do it Foundation

A Costa Rican nonprofit organization, founded in 2005,  leading an effort to create awareness of the needs of people with physical disabilities, delivering a wheelchair to every child, teen and adult in Costa Rica who needs one, but cannot afford one.
Give the gift of hope, mobility and freedom.



Camino a La Paz AFG:  Spanish language meeting on Monday’s at 6 p.m., Casa Pastoral, second floor; Escazu Centro.
Call (506)8711-4749.

Al-Anon meetings

Escazu Serenity AFG:  English language meeting on Friday’s at 1:30 p.m. Casa Pastoral, second floor, Escazu Centro. Call (506) 8993-1762.
Pathways to Hope AFG:  English language meeting on Saturday’s at 9 a.m., International Baptist Church, Guachepelin. Call  (506) 8993-1762.

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Paris Soccer Academy

For boys and girls, from 7 to 17 years old. Professional instructors.  Following all sanitary guidelines. Two private sports grounds ( in Guadalupe and Coronado, San José Province). Open Saturday mornings. $25 monthly fee.

Call or WhatsApp numbers
8498-6264 or 8662-6817
More info please visit our Facebook page

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Costa Rica: Remarkable
Tales from Our Super Vacation Spot

By A compilation of classic news reports geared to the needs of foreigners living here and those elsewhere with personal or business interests in this vacation paradise. Each seeks to tell something new or original about the vacation and retirement mecca.  Read a sample and purchase the book HERE

When Love Ignites:

Five Stories of Beginnings
By James J. Brodell Why love? In five different situations in as many stories love strikes, sometimes in an unusual way. What happens next remains uncertain, but the couples have a foundation for the future. The book is now available for sale Click Here

Six Short Heresies . . . Just for You

By James J. Brodell Life is full of untested assumptions: Prostitution exploits women, bloody religious ceremonies are of the past, Santa is jolly, there is one God, suburban life requires a great lawn. The six stories here, some drawn from life and some tongue-in-cheek, suggest otherwise. The book is now available for sale Click Here

Publish and Make Money

By Sharon Brodell  & James J. Brodell. A Brief Guide to Profitability With Your New Magazine, Newsletter or Newspaper. My wife, Sharon, was under firm instructions to shoot me  if I ever tried to start a  newspaper again. Alas, her pistol misfired, so here we are approaching 17 years of running an English-language newspaper. The book is now available for sale Click Here

Life is a Tropical Garden

By Victoria Torley. A quirky look at gardening in the tropics.What happens when a "Northern" gardener moves to Costa Rica? You have no idea. Order this book Click Here

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For more information go to our website at Mckee-jaco or send us an email at info@mckee-jaco.com

Invites you to be a part of one of our projects.  Spay/neuter – education – adoption – all those projects need volunteers and sponsors. 


More info at Meet Your Dog site
A Dog City in the Clouds
Dog Shelter and Adoption in  San Ramón

Have you ever seen a Dog City? Dogland is just such a city. A dog city with over 150 residents in the mountains of San Ramón. No cages, open spaces, no kennels, they live in small houses. Come and learn how you can help keep this unique & magical shelter open. You can help by adopting one of our angels, and if you can't adopt, you can sponsor a dog. Sponsoring a dog is easy, and you can always stop by for a visit.


Email AnimalesAtenasCR@aol.com
Atenas Foundation for Helping Abandoned Animals

Tierschutzverein Hilfe für herrenlose Tiere Atenas

Our main goal is to stop the suffering of the many many street dogs and cats in our area. For those looking for new furry friends. The group always needs volunteers. If you see any possibility for support and assistance - don't hesitate and contact us.


More information visit our site
Animal Shelter Costa Rica
Animal Shelter Costa Rica

Don't discriminate - adopt a mutt! Lots of abandoned dogs and cats looking for loving homes. Refugio de Animales - San Rafael de Heredia.  AHPPA is affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States and the RSPCA of Great Britain.