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Published on Wednesday, November 24, 2021
By the A.M. Costa  Rica staff

In Costa Rica, there have been 7,034,279 vaccines against covid-19 applied, according to Social Security.

Approximately 77% of the population or 3,860,379 people have received their first dose. About 62% of the population or 3,144,053 people have completed their two-dose treatment. Plus 29,847 people have received their booster shot.

The country has a herd immunity goal of at least 83% of the population, more than 4.2 million fully-vaccinated people in Costa Rica, authorities said.  As of Friday, Costa Rica has imported 7,621,335 vaccines against covid-19.

Costa Rica has applied a vaccination mandate for all public service employees to be fully vaccinated.  Also, the government established new covid-pass rules for business.

Currently, the vaccination campaign is focused on nationals, residency DIMEX cardholders and immigrants over the age of 12. The campaign also includes undocumented immigrants living in Costa Rica.

Vaccines are available in public hospitals, clinics, some universities and commercial centers. To get information on the vaccination program for a specific area people should call the Social Security Covid line 905-225-2000 or visit the Covid Vaccination Campaign website.

On Tuesday, the health authorities reported 7,271 deaths listed as covid-19 related, approximately a 1.3% death rate, according to the Health Ministry statistics.

The pandemic has killed more than 5.1 million people worldwide, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

How far along is your country in achieving herd immunity against covid-19?
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