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Published on Tuesday, November 23, 2021
By the A.M. Costa  Rica staff

Hiking from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, crossing rural and indigenous communities and ecosystems, while enjoying gastronomic experiences and the natural beauties of Costa Rica, are some of the recommendations by National Geographic magazine making Costa Rica as one of the 25 tourist destinations to visit in 2022.

The magazine recommends the tourist trip called "El Camino de Costa Rica" (the Costa Rica path in the English language), which includes a 16-day journey through rural areas, traveling 280 kilometers from Parismina Canton in Limon Province to Quepos Beach in Puntarenas Province. The tour was recognized in the category "Best Adventure Destinations".

The magazine also recommends tours of the Arapahoe Basin in Colorado State, USA, Palau and the Seine River in France and New Brunswick in Canada.

“Being chosen by the prestigious National Geographic magazine as one of the most incredible and essential destinations to visit next year make us very proud and confirms Costa Rica as a sanctuary of sustainability and the ideal tourist destination for reconnecting with the essentials of life while enjoying nature, gastronomy and the Pura Vida lifestyle that distinguishes us,” said Carolina Trejos, marketing director of the Tourism Institute.

The tour recommended by the magazine is carried out by the Ticos A Pata tourism agency, consisting of 16-stage hikes that were designed by the non-profit organization “Mar a mar.”

"This is one of the best walks nationwide where tourists learn countless elements of the country, it is a very rural tourism that seeks to stimulate the economy of these towns," said Jorge Frutos, general manager of the agency.

There are different ways of doing the tour, however, in general, the tourist seeks to do it consecutively during the 16 days, while visiting family projects, hostels, hotels, trying the local food of each town and learning more about the culture.

"From the Caribbean to the Pacific, El Camino de Costa Rica is a 174-mile long window away from the busiest tourist route. The 16-stage hiking trail primarily follows public roads as it passes through remote towns and cities, Cabécar indigenous lands and protected natural areas," said National Geographic in its publication.

Recently, another international magazine, the British Wanderlust Travel recognized Costa Rica as the third most desired country by tourists.

This year, almost one million tourists have visited Costa Rica.

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