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Published on Tuesday, October 5, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

At Esparza Canton, Alajuela Province, the first garbage recycling center valued at $1,139,500, will be built, the Rural Development Institute said.

The construction of the center will be built on a 100,000 square meters of property in  the canton municipality. The cost will be covered with the budgets of the institute and the Municipality of Esparza. The facilities will include material unloading and loading areas, waste storage area, material classification area (whether cardboard, plastic or glass), and plenty of space to park garbage collection trucks, among other areas.

In addition to the recycling center, a nursery will be built to produce plants and trees of native species in the area, which will then be used in the reforestation programs carried out by the municipality.

The plan includes the construction of a composting center to treat some of the organic waste and thereby reduce the amount of garbage accumulated in the canton. In addition, an area for forest conservation will be built, in which trails will be accessible for visitors.

The goal of the center is to encourage the development of good environmental practices in the inhabitants of the canton.

According to Asdrubal Calvo-Chaves,  mayor of Esparza, the center seeks to make it easier for residents to recycle waste in their homes and eventually improve the environment. With this, the pollution generated by the solid waste in the area can be reduced by 5%.

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