Happy Birthday, A.M. Costa Rica!
Best wishes from our loyal readers ...
Happy Birthday With Thanks

I came to your site by mistake while looking up some Costa Rican newspapers on the Internet. What a great find.

You see, my wife, a Tica who speaks only a little English, and me, who speaks less Spanish, have been better able to speak about Costa Rica from what I have read in your paper. Your photos do a lot of talking to us and have stimulated some great conversations.

As our 5th aniversary draws near and retirement is only a little way down the road, I look forward to the day of calling Costa Rica my second home and look to you to keep me abreast of what's going on there.

Finally, happy birthday and continued success and a long life.

Your Reading Pals,
Maria and Bob Karter

"Feliz Primer año!," 
says Daniel Soto 

Happy Birthday Costa Rica A.M.

It seems like more them a year since we read your newspaper the pleasure, that your news bring to us, whom live far away from our "terruño" is fantastic.

I also please to know that more business are getting interested in the newspaper, because will cost money to produce such a great newspaper,  and to them we say thank you too. but the best of all we know who to look for when we go to Costa Rica.

Jay you are just GREAT !!

Danial Soto
Bloomington, Ind.

Felíz Cumpleaños

I have been perusing your publication for several months now and I rely on it to give me an insight to Costa Rica.  Having traveled to Costa Rica many times and with the intention to retire to this great country, I want to keep abreast of the happenings.  AM Costa Rica provides an informative view that I balance with other sources to maintain my relationship with Costa Rica. ¡Pura Vida!

Bill Baio
Hollywood, Florida

Happy Birthday A. M. Costa Rica, and congratulations on your success.

We start each weekday with a cup of coffee and A. M. Costa Rica.  It is definitely superior in providing news and information in the English language. Thank you.

Dawn and Louis Gregoire
San Isidro de Heredia

Hey, I'm from Montreal, Quebec Canada and I’ve read you each morning since January, 2002. My son lives in San Jose. It's my way to discover your country and to be near him. Continue your good work.

Danielle Ladouceur

Happy Birthday!

Reading A.M. Costa Rica has become part of my daily routine - every morning at 6:00 AM.  You produce an excellent publication.  My best wishes for the future.

Steve Fargo

Congratulations and Happy Birthday A.M. Costa Rica!  You have done a great job over the last year!  You have been a great addition to our country! 

Any time anyone contacts me about moving here, I tell them to start by subscribing to your online newspaper to really get a feel for the country!

For the first time since I have lived here, over 8 years now, I can get daily updates of what is happening here and around the world.  Thanks so much for bringing life in the rainforest a little closer to the rest of the world! Happy Birthday!

Jennifer Rice Ph.D
Co-owner, Hotel Mono Azul
President, Kids Saving The Rainforest!
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Feliz Cumpleaños! Although I read A.M. Costa Rica de vez en cuando, I am grateful to know that a more honest point of view is available. A friend put me in touch with you.  And when I am out of the country I can still keep in touch. Keep up the good work! It is appreciated. Muchisimas gracias. Hasta pronto. 

Buffalo, NY and Laguna Fraijanes, Costa Rica


I’m writing to congratulate you for your fine site. I read it every day and it keeps me up to date on the country I plan to retire to in 5 or 6 more years.  You all are much more even handed than the Tico Times, which I subscribe to in print. Keep up the good work!!!

Best wishes for many more birthdays,

Dan Baber
Dallas, TX USA



San Ramón de Alajuela



I have been reading your newspaper since I found it in September last year.

I was researching moving to Costa Rica so I read all of the articles and Real Estate ads. I really appreciate Jo Stuart's contributions. I found the house I bought in San Ignacio de Acosta and I have rented out the apartment in my house by using your Real Estate ads. I continue to read you every day and frequently forward articles to friends in the U.S.

I wish you continued SUCCESS. Thank you for being here!!

George Lundquist, San Ignacio de Acosta, Costa Rica


So far so good ---  BUT .....

Regarding the photo of the beer-can holding statue, what brand?

It's the small things that count :)

John French
Gaithersburg MD.

Editor’s note: It was Bavaria Dark.

Hi from Beluga

Congratulations on your first year. I have enjoyed your clear and objective reports and comments. Keep up the good work

D.W. (Dick) Dayton
Desamparados, San Jose


Good Work

Thanks for breaking my morning routine. Instead of watching the tube first thing in the morning with coffee and a cig. Now, I'm in front of the computer checking out the morning news on A.M.
Costa Rica. Thanks guys. All you are missing is an entertainment section with “what's happening this weekend.”  Might even bring in some revenue for you some day.  Also could have readers send in suggestions for good (natural) places to hike within San Jose meseta.

Jeff Fisher


We really look forward to receiving your daily publication - you are doing a great job - keep it up.

Jim Boothe


Happy Birthday to AM Costa Rica! Wishing you many, many more years of providing up to date news to the net!

RM in Colorado, USA


Just a note to say happy birthday and to thank you for keeping me updated on the news of my future home.  I also want to thank you for publishing the classified ad that led to the purchase of my house in Costa Rica and to the friendship with two very special people-Isabela and Tony.

Keep up the good work.  You are very much appreciated by those of us who are not able to move to Costa Rica on a permanent basis yet!

Darlene Whipkey


Hapy Birthday on the celebration of your first year. I enjoy your newspaper a lot. Congratulations and keep up with the good work. 



With great pleasure I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday. The amount of pleasure and Costa Rican sunshine that I receive every morning in my e-mail is without a doubt one of the highlights of my day. Keep up the great work!

Ken Penney 
Winnipeg, Manitoba


Feliz Cumpleaños to everybody at amcostarica.com. I think you guys are the best.  I read the paper everyday and I've told tons of other people to get with the program!  Keep up the good work!!! 

Patty Doe and crew of the Gilded Iguana, Nosara, Costa Rica.

PS.  They are working on the road between Samara and Nosara...Yes!!!!!


I read your paper every morning, your doing a great job!!!

Wish you had time to expand to Panama, a popular Gringo retirement destination.

Sharon Johnson
Naples, Florida


Happy Birthday from Calgary Canada! I rely on A.M. Costa Rica daily for unbiased news on my favorite home away from home. Thanks for a super year and keep up the great reporting!

D Phillips


Once a novelty and a convenience, AM Costa Rica is now a necessity.  I went to the States for a month to help my daughter and her family with the birth of a new baby (lots of diapers and lots of fun).  Every morning I was able to stay in touch with home by reading AM Costa Rica.  What a bonus!

You're all doing a great job - now I can't remember what we did without you.  Many thanks and Happy Birthday to A.M. Costa Rica's entire staff.

Norma LaTouf, Escazu


You have done an excellent job of keeping me informed of Costa Rican events, news, comings, and, goings.
Best Wishes!!!!!

While I am a new reader of amcostarica.com I have already received a lot of very useful information.  I wish you the best of birthdays as you take a moment to reflect on your first year. Keep up the good work. 



Happy Birthday!

I’ve only recently discovered your publication but have come to look forward to reading the daily news. Thank you for your hard work and don’t get too discouraged. You are providing a wonderful service.



Bravo!  Although we sold our little house in Acosta (thanks to the ad in A.M. Costa Rica), I look forward to staying in touch daily with what's happening in Costa Rica.  Your paper is informative and lively. We hope you have many, many more birthdays.  !Ojala! 

Bonnie and Arnold Hano
Laguna Beach, Ca.


I hope you have many more. You are my only English printed report that gives me some real news about Costa Rica, please keep up the good work you are my # 1.

Harry Purcell,
Port Richey, Florida


Happy Birthday A.M. Costa Rica from Toronto, Canada. 
I love your daily news digests, and they make me yearn to be back in Costa Rica. And Jo Stuart is my favourite. She has a nice writing style and presents a true flavour of live in C.R. Thanks for your efforts. 

Gary Murray 


1989 thru 2001 we were winter visitors to C.R. Medical problems keep us in U.S. now. We miss CR dearly. With your site we still feel connected.

AMCOSTARICA.COM is the best thing that has happened on our Internet. Your news coverage is excellent and pictures beautiful. Happy Birthday and keep up the excellent work. Good Luck!!!! 

Mary and Joe Sobeck 
Conrath, Wisconsin, USA

Imagine that you celebrate your birthday in Zagreb, Croatia, Europe. For that great celebration, people dress in their folk costumes. Zagreb’s folk costumes are known for specially embroidered red dresses, red umbrellas and small men’s hats. And someone makes a birthday cake decorated with the Croatian coat of arms!

Many happy returns for your 1st birthday ? and thanks for the nice pictures which show everyday life in Costa Rica (for instance: August 8, 2002).

Vlasta Zara
Zagreb, Croatia


Someone loves you in Texas!

You are probably thinking that all this year you have been publishing stuff to all American residents in Costa Rica. Well... guys... here is a surprise! You have a lovely soul that is and has been reading you paper for a while.  I left my country, Costa Rica, when I was really young, and you guys have kept me in touch on the best news I ever read about my country. The stories are written with a lot of feeling and I love the pictures. All of your news are telling me that my country has changed a lot, and things are moving in to a new direction.  I live in Pflugerville, Tx a little town north of Austin, central Texas. Keep up with the good work! Hang in there guys, you are doing great! Happy birthday!!!!

Lonesome in Texas



A very accurate, well researched and informative publication, with no apparent reporting bias (like the other!). I read and depend on it for news! Well done!

Rick Philps
San Jose


Happy Birthday! You have kept me in touch and closer to Costa Rica than I ever could imagine. Keep up the great work! The staff is truly a blessing.

Don Denman
Seattle WA. USA


Your daily updates keep us in touch, here in the USA, with your beautiful country. The articles renew the many wonderful places & people we met as we traveled around Costa Rica researching for our new book.

June & Bruce Conord


Congratulations on your first year. I am in the US for a visit and AM Costa Rica is an excellent (and only timely) link to my home in Costa Rica. Keep it coming.

Joe Stastny
Santa Ana


Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the great reading over the past year.  Hope to have many more years of your excellent on-line paper.

Nel Comox
British Columbia, Canada


Yes, indeed! Happy Birthday A.M. Costa Rica!  Thanks for honest reporting, for never being intimidated, for giving us your readers ALL the news.  Costa Rica IS wonderful; however, we do not need a constant diet of embellished PR releases, for there is also a festering demi-monde, of which you also report.  Evenhandedness is your forte.  You have respect for your readers; you do not "dumb down" as do other media.  May you continue to prosper & be a strong true force for uplifting marvelous Costa Rica!

R.C. Huffman 
Mammoth Lakes, California.


One Year!!!!

Only a year and when I miss a day's reading, I feel left out.
I'm a long time annual visitor with plans to open a business on the coast in a few months.  I love the paper and enjoy the news from your perspective.  Both bad news and good news are important stories for those of us without a complete perspective of life in a place we love.

Jim Guyton


You are wonderful!

We began reading and enjoying AM Costa Rica while living on Maui, Hawaii, USA, but since May 1 we live in Los Arcos, Cariari, San Antonio de Belen.  We think your photography is exceptional along with several other of your articles. Thank you for “being.”  Happy Birthday and many more.  Keep up the good work.

Bessie & David Krause


Not only do I wish you Happy Birthday on the anniversary of your first year of publication, but tell me where the party is and I'll be there.

Doug Gesler 
Kent, WA


I have been reading your online paper almost daily, for the last few weeks and I live in Canada! We plan to visit your country in December and while surfing the net I found you. While I do read the whole online edition, I really enjoy Jo Stuart, your travel links and the letters. The food column has given us some ideas for restaurants and sodas to visit on our trip. Keep up the great work!



As an avid reader of AM Costa Rica for the past year, I want to wish you, the A.M. Costa Rica staff, all the best. Thank you for making me feel closer to the place I love and hope to one day live permanently.  You bring together a community which is small in size but large in their love and respect for this wonderful country.

            Happy Birthday to you 
            Happy Birthday to you 
            Happy Birthday A.M.

Costa Rica 
            Happy Birthday to you

New York, New York

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