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Published on Wednesday, November 17, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Tourism Institute is developing an advertising campaign to promote the country as a world-class gastronomic destination, for which it sponsored  five international chefs.

According to the institute, chefs are famous in their countries and have been brought to Costa Rica to promote the traditional food of the country among the followers they have on their social networks and television programs.

Among the international chefs sponsored by the institute are, Arlette Eulert from Peru, Catalina Vélez from Colombia, Mirciny Moliviatis from Guatemala, Sofía Cortina from Mexico and Deborah de Corral, an Argentine based in Miami, United States.

 “The institute promotes the country with tastings for international journalists, influencers and bloggers that cover the culinary issue," said Ireth Rodríguez, Head of Promotion of the Tourism Institute. "Through the visit of these famous Latin American chefs, we present ourselves not only as a sanctuary of sustainability to reconnect with the essentials of life but as a destination with world-class gastronomy."

The chefs promote tourism on their social networks, where they have thousands of followers who can now learn more about Costa Rica from the kitchen and its flavors, added the institute.

Among the activities that the chefs will do in the country is a visit to Manuel Antonio Beach accompanied by press from Latin American newspapers such as Diario El Universal de México; El Clarín de Argentina and the Aeroméxico Magazine. The journalists are also sponsored by the Tourism Institute. They will publish articles about their visit to the country.

This is the third advertising campaign developed using celebrities in social media. In April, the institute sponsored the Spanish influencer Jesús Calleja, to promote the country in his tv show.   

Also that month, the institute sponsored  social media influencers, Rob Strok and April Davidson, to promote the country among their followers.

What other influencers should the institute sponsors to attract more tourists? 
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