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Published on Friday, November 19, 2021

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By Skip Licht

Imagine: "Day 1" in Costa Rica: new home, new neighbors, life is exciting again!

How nice would it be to finally be in the position to build a dream home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica? What happens on that first day of the rest of your life? You've arrived and the sun is coming up. DAY 1!

The time has finally arrived. You have spent over a month in your home state of Texas packing your stuff, selling your possessions, saying "goodbye" to friends and family, closing accounts and collecting deposits from those utility accounts that you've had for 20 years! Your flight leaves tomorrow morning and all you have with you are three suitcases and a carry-on or two! You have literally changed your life; a HUGE 180-degree turnaround! Does it feel refreshing? Or, are you having second thoughts? Well, it's too late for regrets! Now, it's GO TIME. A new life is ahead of you. Everything is new and all you have left from Texas is a head filled with wonderful memories!

Many individuals and families are doing this now. After a couple of years of so much political unrest, so many problems with COVID, new rules and regulations that seem to control the lives of the citizens in an absolute manner, now people are freeing themselves of the stresses of everyday life and they are moving to the land of PURA VIDA!

They're clearing out all that has been gathered and collected by them for so many years! They finally realize that happiness is not how much you have, but rather how 'today' is spent. Being with friends and family smack dab in the middle of 'your own little slice of paradise' enjoying life to its fullest. That is the goal of many now. People are living 'leaner.' They are ridding themselves of clutter, messiness, chaos and disorder.


They are trading their past lives for a future filled with happiness, excitement, joy and wonder. It's time to explore, take day trips to a volcano instead of going to Walmart. Itís time to spend a few hours hiking in the jungle instead of watching TV while laying on the couch. Today is a blank canvas for all of us. What can be drawn up today? What can we create? Perhaps paint a toucan or two, showing off their colorful beaks and vibrantly-colored feathers or a black-and-white landscape displaying scenes of traffic, smog and too many people. Shall we create an ocean vista from a high peak in the mountains of Manuel Antonio? Or should we settle for an obstructed view of the back alley, filled with trash cans and alley cats?

Real estate in Costa Rica is ON FIRE. The good news is that there is a lot of room for more! We invite you to visit asap. Plan a fact-finding trip to paradise and see if all of this is for you. Take a few courses in 'How to Embed Yourself in the Costa Rica Pura Vida Lifestyle." Study hard! We hope you graduate with STRAIGHT "A's" and a ONE-WAY NON-STOP ticket bound for that place called, "one of the happiest countries on the planet." When you arrive, life will be exciting again!

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