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- Photo via Sinac -

New facility in Amistad International Park

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Published on Wednesday, May 17, 2023
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff


Park rangers and tourists visiting La Amistad International Park, located between Costa Rica and Panama, can now stay in the building inaugurated on Tuesday by authorities of the National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac).

The park covers a large part of the Talamanca mountain range, including the highest point in Costa Rica, Cerro Chirripó, until reaching La Amistad Reserves in Panama.

The public entity in charge of the administration of national parks and wildlife reserves in Costa Rica, Sinac, budgeted about $463,000 for the building. Funds from the Regional Development Board of the Southern Zone helped pay for the new structure.

The building includes a park rangers accommodation area and a service area for tourists and researchers who book to stay in the park during the night.

Sinac also built new trails and a new panoramic zone in the popular site La Cascada, one of the iconic sectors of the park.

Classified as unique in Central America, the site displays signs of Quaternary glaciation. The repeated glaciations and topographic isolation has led to extraordinary habitat diversity within the park, favoring high rates of biodiversity and speciation.

More than 10,000 flowering plants have been described within the park, along with 215 mammal species, roughly 250 reptiles and amphibian species, and 115 species of freshwater fish.

One of the great attractions for visitors is discovering the natural conditions in which five species of big cats such as pumas, ocelots, margays, jaguars, and jaguarundis coexist.

The park tickets can be purchased on the SINAC website.


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