This story with a happy ending began when another animal shelter organization, Charlie's Angels, located in Perez Zeledon, had to close its doors.
- Save Our Scruff photo -

Published on Thursday, July 15, 2021

By Andrew McCarthy

A Toronto-based non-profit organization dedicated to protecting abandoned animals, Save Our Scruff, has managed to rescue 88 dogs that have been abandoned in Costa Rica. They take them on a flight to Canada to give them a new chance to find an adopted family.

This story with a happy ending began when another animal shelter organization, Charlie's Angels, located in Perez Zeledon, had to close its doors. They were forced to look for aid to continue their mission of caring for dogs and cats rescued from the streets.

"Our partners in Costa Rica were shutting down and needed to find a placement for their adoptable dogs," Save Our Scruff said in its statement. This year has been challenging for everybody, but many dogs have been waiting a long time for an opportunity to fly."

In this touching real-life story, the first shelter, Charlie's Angels, tried to find homes for their dogs in Costa Rica. Many of the purebreds and puppies got adopted this way. Several of those adoptions come from expatriates or tourists. "We also take a lot of mutts as they tend to have a very slim chance of finding a home locally,"  Save Our Scruff said.

According to the organization, before the pandemic, travelers from the Toronto community would bring dogs home on their journeys, some would even plan trips to visit the shelter to volunteer. "This was much more eco-friendly, affordable, and beautifully community-oriented. But things have shifted," they said.

In Costa Rica, Charlie's Angels volunteers prepared the dogs for the trip, taking care of them, carrying them from Perez Zeledon to the airport where the charter flight would take them to their new home far to the north.

On Thursday, the miracle happened when the 88 puppies made a one-way charter trip more than 5 hours from Costa Rica to Canada.

At their new shelter in the beavers country, 68 dogs were sent to SOS care, half started their adoptive trials and the other half are in foster homes. The rest of the puppies were sent to another local rescue in Toronto, the pet's rescuers said.

"Save Our Scruff has helped this rescue in Costa Rica to come to what it is today, and we find this has prepared these dogs to transition well to their homes." That was the wonderful news these rescuers gave us.

For about seven years, Save Our Scruff rescuers have been rescuing abandoned animals and working hard to find them a home.  They shared a short video of the puppies starting their journey that can be seen on AM Costa Rica YouTube channel.

People interested in helping these Tico-Canadian dogs to find a home can get more information by visiting the Save Our Scruff website.

How can your community organize and help street animals? 
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