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Published on Thursday, September 30, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

More in-person entertainment events are reopening, as part of a pilot plan to determine how to avoid covid-19 infections in mass events.

Authorities have three massive artistic events scheduled for November. The first will be at the Parque Viva Entertainment Center, in Alajuela Province, allowing 2,500 people to enter. The other will take place at the National Stadium, in San Josť Province, with authorization to allow 5,000 people to enter, announced the Ministry of Culture.

Among the security measures to avoid covid infections, the ministry said, attendees must be fully vaccinated against covid-19. Another safety measure is to have the event tickets available to purchase only online. People will be able to stay only in the zones that will be established by groups of social bubbles, with a maximum of 5 people per bubble.

The public must continue to practice the widely known health guidelines: such as wearing facemasks at all times, six-feet social distance, hand washing, taking the  temperature of the attendee prior to gaining access to the event, and those with cold symptoms will not be able to enter, among others.

After the events are held, the authorities will carry out an evaluation of compliance with the sanitary guidelines. Then, they will continue with the gradual reopening of more massive public places.

The specific information on the artistic activities will be announced by the ministry in the next few days.

Currently, the health authorities authorized the reopening of in-person events in theaters, cinemas, restaurants, national parks, among others, as long as the health guidelines are met.

Recently, the authorities allowed the public access to four soccer games, two for the men's national team and two for the women's national team. However, after the analysis of the first two games of the men's team games, the women's team games were held with no fans.

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