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Published on Tuesday, October 12, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Congressmen approved a series of motions to advance on bill No.21,388 "Law for the production of cannabis and hemp for medicinal purposes in Costa Rica."

The new law will regulate and allow the access and use of cannabis and its derivatives for medicinal and therapeutic use, in order to guarantee the fundamental right to health of the entire population. In addition, authorize the production and commercialization of hemp for industrial and food use.

Among the approved motions was that companies producing marijuana for industrial, medical or therapeutic purposes, operate within industrial zones, which would allow them to receive the incentives, benefits and conditions that these business zones offer.

The law will not require a special license for all companies authorized for the cultivation, production, industrialization, commercialization of hemp (known as non-psychoactive cannabis) and its products for food and industrial purposes. In other words, companies must comply with the current licenses and permits required for agricultural or agroindustrial products.

The production of psychoactive cannabis for medical and therapeutic purposes was also authorized in the law, including the sowing, cultivation, harvest, storage and transport.

The production and importation of seeds of psychoactive cannabis varieties were also approved for sale as raw material to Social Security or for the industrialization, manufacture and marketing of products for medical or therapeutic use in the country.

The export of industrial or medicinal mariguana products was also approved.
The elaboration or industrialization, storage and commercialization of medicines, cosmetics, essential oils and other products for medical or therapeutic use were also approved.

In addition, the law approved that licenses for the cultivation and industrialization of cannabis for medical or therapeutic purposes be granted for a period of six years and renewed for equal periods.

The condition for cancellation of any cannabis license, based on this new law, is due upon the event of recurrence of serious infractions due to non-payment of taxes or that unauthorized varieties of the plant are cultivated.

Tracking “legal” users is similar to other countries that have rolled out legalization laws by authorizing a card issued by Social Security that will allow the use of medical marijuana. Growing marijuana for domestic use in their homes is also a perk of the proposed law.

The state must make money somehow. Companies producing or marketing marijuana products must pay a 1% special tax on profits.

Some countries like Uruguay and Mexico, have legalized marijuana consumption for recreational purposes. Countries like Canada, the United States, Chile, Argentina among many others have approved medical marijuana.

The next step, for the advancement of the law, is an additional analysis by all the deputies, for the final vote.

Are you for or against the approval of the use of medicinal marijuana in Costa Rica? We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to news@amcostarica.com

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