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Published on Monday, November 22, 2021
By the A.M. Costa  Rica staff

The operation “Cuidémonos Juntos” (let's take care of ourselves together in the English language) to provide more surveillance and security during the Christmas and New Year holidays has begun, according to the Ministry of Security.

The current surveillance operation will continue until January 4, 2022. It is carried out with the goal of protecting people from crooks which usually increases due to people carrying more money to spend on these dates.

Usually, on holidays, people get the so-called Aguinaldo (similar to the Christmas bonus) to do their Christmas shopping, celebrate New Year’s Eve or take a family vacation during the holiday break, between the last week of December and the first week of January.

Due to the holidays and the start of the high tourism season, the police reinforce their presence on highways, national parks, tourist sites, entry and exit points of the country, among many other places.

According to Michael Soto-Rojas, Minister of Security, the surveillance operation includes a more numerous presence of police officers in streets, boulevards, ATMs, shopping centers, among other areas where people visit to make their Christmas shopping.
The surveillance operation is carried out by land, sea and air with the coordinated participation of all police forces such as the Ministry Police, Tourist Police, Mounted Police, Bicycle Police, Air Surveillance officers, Coast Guard officers, Traffic Police,  Migration Police, Municipal Police, the ministry said in its statement.

These police forces work in coordination with park rangers, officials of the National Emergency Commission, Red Cross paramedics, firefighters, judicial agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization and the 9-1-1 Emergency System team, the ministry said.

Authorities call on people to take basic precautionary measures to avoid theft such as: don't expose your money in public places, don't leave your belongings at the sight of strangers, avoid wearing jewelry in public places, don't walk through deserted places, don't leave your vehicle parked on the road. If you see something suspicious don't hesitate to call the police emergency line 9-1-1.

What other tips would you give to avoid being robbed?
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