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Published on Monday, September 27, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The authorities of Los Chiles Municipality, in a joint effort with representatives of the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce, have launched the canton brand with the goal of boosting tourism in the canton.

Los Chiles Canton is located in the northern zone of Alajuela Province, between the border with Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

The canton brand will be included in the advertising campaign of a series of videos and photographs that display the different activities and characteristics of the area such as agriculture, commerce, culture and tourist attractions.

According to the municipality, it was also agreed with the chamber to carry out a series of plans for improvements in the canton, such as:

· Improve internet access.

· Improve tourist services.

· Position the area as a rural tourism destination on bird watching.

· Improve the preservation of the wetlands that are located in the area.

· Improve the agricultural sector.

· Promote air tourism activities and thereby boost the employment in the area.

· Promote sport, education and cultural activities in their communities.

The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is one of the main attractions for tourism in Los Chiles. According to the Institute of Tourism, Caño Negro is a site of worldwide importance for wetlands conservation. The refuge is vital to the environmental balance of the country’s Northern Zone. This habitat shelter has a wide variety of plant and wildlife species, many of which are unique or in danger of extinction, including seabirds such as the jabiru and reptiles such as caimans and turtles.

During the dry season, the refuge becomes an important feeding ground for the thousands of seabirds that arrive at the wetland. The plumage of some of these birds will change color and take on a pinkish hue due to the mollusks consumed by the birds.

The natural wealth in Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge includes plant and animal species found nowhere else in the country, including the prehistoric Gaspar fish, considered a living fossil. Visitor services include information, a park ranger station, trails, lodging, restrooms and drinking water.

The plan to improve the conditions for increasing tourism in Los Chiles is part of the program called Improvements in the Northern Border Zone of Costa Rica, which includes other cantons such as La Cruz, Upala, and Guatuso. The program is being developed by 10 Chambers of Tourism and Commerce, four Municipalities, universities in the region and non-governmental organizations.

Los Chiles is one of many areas in the country looking to boost tourism. Recently, the Institute  launched a series of online information guides about Guanacaste for tourists.

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