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Jorge Granados
Please join us for a candid and frank discussion
all those legal and taxing issues that we need
to know and understand

For U.S. Citizens and green card holders living or investing in a foreign country.

Tony Roma's, Escazú,  March 27, 6:30 p.m.
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Likely topics:

• How to earn and exclude $92,900.00  from your U.S. income taxes.

• What must you do if you have a foreign corporation (even a dormant one, or one losing  money)?

• What if you are self employed and working in a foreign company?

• If I have investments in a foreign country, must I report it to the U.S. IRS?

• If I get married to a person who is not a U.S. citizen or resident, what should I do?

• Is income earned in a foreign country taxable
 in the U.S.?

• I haven’t filed tax returns to the U.S. for years.  What should I do?

• For U.S. citizens and others non native to Costa Rica what are some legal issues that we need to know and understand?

• What are the different types of corporations?  And what are the differences?

• If I purchase property or a home in Costa Rica what are some of the things I should be aware of?  Should I put it in a corporation or my name?  What taxes do I need to pay?

• What is this new corporate tax?  What should I do about it?

• What are some accounting and tax issues we need to know and understand? What are the differences between U.S. and C.R. accounting?

• What is my responsibility in hiring employees, including maids?

• Real estate taxes, and the luxury tax.
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$35 for advance reservation and get
a ¢5,000
coupon for Tony Roma's
good for that night. $50 at the door.

Door Prize to one lucky person.

Call 2220-0227 for reservation

The expert team:

Randall Lindner is a U.S. Enrolled Agent (E.A.). He established U.S. Tax International 15 years ago in San José, Costa Rica under the name of U.S.Tax & Accounting Service. Mr. Lindner has over 25 years of experience in accounting, business management and U.S. taxation.

Juan Carlos Castro Pacheco is a Costa Rican lawyer and notary. He is the legal counsel for U.S. Tax & Accounting and its clients. Previously he was associated with some of the country's most prestigious law firms. He specializes in commercial and corporate law, real estate and title registration, urban law and foreign investments.

Jorge A. Granados Araya earned an M.B.A. at Webster University in St. Louis. He holds a licenciado in business administration from the University of Costa Rica, and he is a C.P.A. He has nearly 16 years of professional experience in the U.S. and Costa Rica in finance, accounting, securities, manufacturing, sales and services with national and transnational companies. He also has been a university professor.

All are bilingual

• What kind of taxes are there for income?  Difference between corporation and individual tax brackets.

• What are authorized expense documents?

•Are capital gains taxable?  And what are capital gains?

• I have a will in the U.S.  Is it good in Costa Rica?
Call for reservations: 2220-0227