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9th Annual
Halloween Party
at Sportsmens Lodge

Our Big Event!!

Costumed guests
Here are some scenes from the 2010 and 2011 Halloween party

Where: Sportsmens Lodge

When: When: Saturday Nov. 2nd, 2013, From 8 p.m. until Midnight We know it is not Halloween day but the Saturday night after.

Who: CRT Members and Guests, Our Expat friends and a “Ton of Dressed up Chicas”

What: Drink and food specials through-out the night. Costume and dancing contests! Remember last year`s winners? It’s been a blast, the Halloween Parties of the last 8 years. We expect this to be our biggest and best ever, expecting over 225 people. There will be music and plenty of dancing. Plus we have a two-hour happy hour for the ladies 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. with “free drinks”.

This has been described as one
of “Sportsmen’s Lodge’s Best Parties”
each and every year!

No entry Fee!! 
     See you here!

Bill &                                            
The Sportsmens Lodge Staff     

Sponsored by Sportsmens Lodge, Imperial Beer, Jeagermeister & CRT