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San José, Costa Rica
Copyrighted 2003 by Consultantes Río Colorado S.A. The photos on this page are copyrighted under U.S. and international law. A.M. Costa Rica has acquired the right to use them by virtue of its photo contest.. Reproduction outside of A.M. Costa Rica is forbidden without permission of the individual photographers.  For contact information please e-mail editor@amcostarica.com.

Category #4 Sports Page One
SPORTS: A photo related to one of the major or minor sports, team or individual. 


401: In this picture, we can see Pierre, trying very hard to catch a big fish, the fisherman trying to encourage him. And all that time, I am lot more interested in the sun beginning to set in this bewitching ocean. Taken Nov. 19, 2002. Photo by Jocelyne Bégin.


402: This picture was taken on a canopy tour 
in La Fortuna. Photo by Brandee Johnsen.

403: Photo was taken near Playa Zancudo 
Feb. 10, 2003. Photo by Richard Cleroux.

404: This picture was taken on a canopy tour in La Fortuna. Cesar was our guide. Photo by Kyle Johnsen.
Co-winner Sports Category
405: Jerry Hersh ejoys a tropical afternoon surfing his favorite surfing beach at Playa Tamarindo. The photo was shot Dec. 24, 2002. Photo by John Lyman.

           Finalist Sports category
406: This photo was taken while fishing on 
the "Magician" off the coast of Guanacaste, 
near Playa Grande.  While visiting from the 
United States, this young man really enjoyed 
sport fishing in Costa Rica. Photo taken 
Dec. 22, 2002. Photo by Carol Phillips.

407: This is a Sailfish coming alongside just prior to capture and release. It was taken Jan. 10, 2003, with a Canon digital camera. We were having a great day offshore out of Quepos. Fish was caught by my wife. Photo by Craig Shotton.
Co-winner Sports category
408: The sport involved here is similar to "threading the needle." Small rings  are suspended from a string. The men on horseback have a tapered stick, and they have to put the end of this stick through the suspended ring at full gallup. The winners, of course, receive a prize. Photo taken about mid-March 2003 along side the church at Barrio Carmen de Escazú. Photo by Art Smiley.

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