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scenic category #2
Photo contest 2003
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Copyrighted 2003 by Consultantes Río Colorado S.A. The photos on this page are copyrighted under U.S. and international law. A.M. Costa Rica has acquired the right to use them by virtue of its photo contest.. Reproduction outside of A.M. Costa Rica is forbidden without permission of the individual photographers.  For contact information please e-mail editor@amcostarica.com.

Category #2 Scenic  Page Five
Landscape scenes which may or may not include people as a secondary emphasis. 

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232: This picture was taken Feb. 21, 2003, from high up in Bolaños Island, La Cruz, Guanacaste. I took the picture right after reaching the Island on the boat seen in the photo, and then climbing all the way up to the top of the Island, which is a natural  sanctuary for birds.  Photo by Christian Rodríguez.


233: Tamarindo Beach. Photo by Roger Widmer.
Finalist, Scenic category
234: The photo is of coffee fields at Siempre Verde coffee plantation north of Alajuela and east of Grecia.  It was taken on the cloudy morning of March 19, 2003 while on the one-day Ecoscape Highlights Tour. Photo by Julie Roman.

235: It was taken on March 15, 2003 at 
Tamarindo beach and is one of those incredible 
Tamarindo sunsets. Photo by Jan Romeu.

236:  This photo is of a small beach just south 
and outside of Drake Bay. It was taken 
Jan. 5, 2003 with a Canon digital camera. 
Photo by Craig Shotton.

237: Sunset from Golfito taken March 20, 2003. Photo by Steve Silverman.

238: This picture was taken of a farm high up on the hill.  Its location is close to Bebidero.  Exposure was made around the beginning of February. Photo by Art Smiley.

239: Pelicans over the beach at Matapalo. Taken Feb. 3, 2003.
Photo by Ian Woofenden.

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