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San José, Costa Rica
Copyrighted 2003 by Consultantes Río Colorado S.A. The photos on this page are copyrighted under U.S. and international law. A.M. Costa Rica has acquired the right to use them by virtue of its photo contest.. Reproduction outside of A.M. Costa Rica is forbidden without permission of the individual photographers.  For contact information please e-mail editor@amcostarica.com.

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#508 Bribri mother and child; photo taken on Bribri reservation in Talamanca, Limón on Nov. 26, 2002.
Photo by Marco Gonzalez.

#509  Image taken on Dec. 28, 2002, near Limón 
on a canal ride. Title:  Girl on Canal. Photo by 
Steven ‘Banger’ Gross.

#510 ‘Mother and Daughter’ is a photo from the quincenera celebration of our Matapalo neighbor in December of 2002. I thought the juxtaposition of mother and daughter and the pride showing in the mother’s face were beautiful. Photo by Brigitte Jordan.

#511 This nice old man let us take his picture 
on the road to the waterfall La Fortuna. I 
asked him if he was working and he looked at 
me and said ‘Don't you know that there comes 
a time in someone's life that they just don't 
work any more, I'm to old for work.’ Photo by 
Kyle Johnsen.

#512 This shows satisfaction of an accomplishment at an early age. Photo by Carl Lawrence.

#513 An intense conversation taken at the PC Club of Costa Rica’s Christmas  party in early December, 2002. Photo by Roy Lent.

#514 La Boda, wedding picture taken with the 
Nikon 4500 in Monteverde  on March 22. Photo 
by Connie Lentz, M.D.

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Jo Stuart
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