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San José, Costa Rica || Friday Edition, June 23, 2017 || Vol. 17, No. 124
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                new machinery lab
Casa Presidencial photo     
Some of the new hardware for practicing students in the lab.

New lab for industrial-minded students

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Students studying industrial electronic and mechatronics received a new computer manufacturing laboratory at the Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje’s specialized electronics center in Heredia.

According to Casa Presidencial, the new lab has 10 workstations, each with a specialized function. There is a: base station, bearing insertion, shaft insertion, cover insertion, robotized assembly or disassembly, card dispenser, card machining, laser marking, quality control and automatic warehouse.

Once the students graduate, the students will have all the skills and abilities to grow in companies requiring strict quality standards, the government said. They will leave highly qualified to support in equipment maintenance, machinery and production as well as have the capacity to design and problem-solve in the industrial sector.

The equipment for this lab was donated from Germany at a cost of around $710,000. It is completely automated and has the same characteristics as those machines in transnational companies, Minor Rodríguez, the executive president of the institute, said.

The specialized electronics center has the capacity to train at least 350 technicians annually. The job represents a blending of mechanical, electronic and computer skills with a perfect labor insertion usually in multinational companies of the medical and makeup sectors, the institute said.

Health ministers meet discusses
low costs for drugs needed

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The health ministers from Central America and the Dominican Republic as well as representatives from international organizations met this week to discuss a model on drug financing.

The Consejo de Ministros de Salud has been conceptualized and developed as an initiative of the regional health sector to reduce costs of medicines for health institutions. According to the Ministerio de Salud, the commitment was reaffirmed Thursday.

María Esther Anchía, the Costa Rican health minister, said that: “Costa Rica will propose to the countries convened in this regional forum, to work on a joint strategy for the reduction of drug use with a public health approach, being a phenomenon that is hitting our countries with devastating consequences such as organized crime, violence, premature deaths that impact the health of our peoples.”

Ms. Anchía stressed that a joint strategy is necessary for the entire region. Also in attendance at this meeting were the deputy ministers of health for Honduras, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and the ministers for Belize and Panamá, Salud said.

The regional group is the governing body of the health sector at the regional level within the framework of the Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana.

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