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Returning Samantha Power
cites big gaps in ebola care

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

The international community must do more to fill alarming gaps in the fight against the ebola epidemic, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power said to an audience in Brussels as she headed home from a visit to the three hardest-hit countries in West Africa.

Ms. Power said the initial international response is making a difference, and has created what she called the first tangible signs that the virus can and will be beaten.

But, she said, many countries have not done enough, and urged them to not assume the job is done.

“The international community is not yet doing enough to stem the tide of the epidemic, causing devastating heartbreak to countless families and allowing a global threat to metastasize,” Ms. Power said.

She praised the many nongovernmental organizations and their volunteers, who have moved in to fight ebola, as well as local political and religious leaders who are promoting the needed actions by individuals to fight and prevent the disease.

Those steps include seeking treatment quickly, isolating infected individuals, expediting the burial of victims, and not stigmatizing survivors and the families of the dead.

“This is a crisis that is so vast, with needs so great, with potential consequences so dire, that no country can afford to stand on the sidelines.  A few are doing a lot, but a lot are doing very little or nothing at all,” Ms. Power said.

She declined to say which countries she believes are not doing enough to fight ebola, but she said contribution data is readily available on a United Nations Web site.

Ms. Power, who stopped in Brussels after visiting Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia this week, said more resources are needed to track the disease and spread public awareness in affected areas.

She called for more flexible planning, faster decision-making and for support for the affected countries as they try to rebuild and expand their health care systems. Those systems were inadequate before the epidemic and have now been devastated by the deaths of hundreds of doctors and nurses.

But Ms. Power said she also came away from West Africa with unexpected hope.

“Today, the affected countries are, in fact, in a very different place than they were six weeks ago. I came away more convinced than ever that if we rally the right response, together we can stop ebola,” she said.

Ms. Power said governments need to stop spreading fear, in part by unnecessarily putting restrictions on returning volunteers who have been to the infected countries.

She called for leaders to send clear and consistent messages about ebola, based on science and facts.

Also on Thursday, the World Bank pledged $100 million to help recruit more foreign health care workers to treat ebola patients in West Africa.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said Thursday the three countries facing the biggest outbreak of the deadly virus are struggling to cope with the disease.

Kim said in a statement the World Bank hopes the additional aid, on top of more than $400 million already sent to West Africa, can help be a catalyst for a rapid surge of additional health workers.

Meanwhile, a nurse in Maine, vowing not to be bullied by politicians and threatening to sue the state over an ebola quarantine she calls unscientifically sound, defied the order and left her home for a bike ride Thursday, according to television images.

Kaci Hickox left her home in Fort Kent to take a morning bicycle ride with her boyfriend, MSNBC and other networks reported.

Ms. Hickox, 33, who tested negative for ebola after returning from treating patients in West Africa, said that she plans to take the issue to court if the state did not lift the quarantine.

Also Thursday, President Barack Obama's top ebola official, Ron Klain, is meeting in Atlanta with officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It will be his first in-person meeting with the Centers since taking the post two weeks ago.

Obama said Wednesday the U.S. may continue to see more cases of ebola until the outbreak in West Africa is contained. He also honored U.S. health workers who have already returned from working in West Africa and those who plan to go in the future, calling them heroes acting out of a sense of duty.

Word Health also gave its latest update on the outbreak Wednesday, warning that the transmission of ebola remains intense in the capitals of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

New material may boost
solar plant efficiencies

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

Scientists have created a new solar power material they call the black hole of light because it can absorb and convert to heat 90 percent of the sunlight it captures.

A team of researchers at the University of California at San Diego developed the silicon boride-coated nanoshell material that can be used in concentrating solar power plants, according to a news release.

Researchers said the new material could increase the efficiency by about 30 percent.

Concentrating solar power plants consist of thousands of mirrors, which reflect sunlight at a central tower covered in a light absorbing material. The concentrated light is converted to heat which can power a steam turbine that produces electricity.

These power plants work by heating molten salt, which can be stored in thermal storage tanks and continue to produce energy even when it’s dark. This is a big advantage over photovoltaic cells, which stop producing energy at night.

Researchers said one big advantage of their material is its durability: It withstands heat of over 700 degrees C. and can survive exposure to other elements. They added that the plants are more efficient at higher temperatures.

Currently, such plants have to reapply sunlight absorption material about once a year, meaning the plant is not producing energy during the maintenance.

The University of California at San Diego team says their material has a longer lifespan, adding they are close to achieving a material that will last for many years.

Concentrating solar power plants currently produce about 3.5 gigawatts of energy globally, which is enough to provide electrical power to more than 2 million homes. That number could rise to 20 gigawatts in coming years.

There was also good news about solar power in a report released by Deutsche Bank this week, which said rooftop photovoltaic energy will be as cheap or cheaper than other sources of electricity in 47 U.S. states by as early as 2016.

The report, written by Deutsche Bank’s leading solar energy analyst Vishal Shah, assumes the U.S. will continue a 30 percent tax credit on solar system costs. The credit it due to expire in 2016 as well.

According to the report, even if the tax credit were to be cut by two thirds, solar power would still achieve parity with other forms of electricity in 36 states.

Currently solar power costs the same as other sources of electricity in only 10 states.

The report says the amount of electricity from solar panels in the U.S. could be 16 times greater in 2016 than it was in 2008.

These trends in solar come at a time of dropping fossil fuel prices, which usually triggers a loss of interest in solar.

Earlier this year the International Energy Agency said concentrating solar power plants could provide 11 percent of the world’s electricity by 2050. Photovoltaic systems could account for another 16 percent, the agency said.

Currently, solar power accounts for less than 1 percent of the world’s electricity needs.

Birth under midwife care
has an upward trend in U.S.

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

A small but growing number of women in the United States are choosing to give birth using the services of a certified nurse-midwife rather than an obstetrician. The number of midwife-attended births at home, in birthing centers and in hospitals reached 8.6 percent of all births in 2012.

Beth Drake of Derwood, Maryland, is one of those statistics. She recently gave birth to baby Debra with the help of a certified nurse-midwife in the comfort of her own home.

The first-time mother decided on a home birth after witnessing her sister give birth in a hospital.

“To see the baby taken away from her right away and placed on the table - he was warmed and fully taken care of - but he was crying and alone; it just didn’t seem as gentle a way to come into the world as I wanted for my child,” she said.

So for her own pregnancy and labor, Mrs. Drake and her husband Derek chose Mairi Breen Rothman, a certified nurse-midwife who’s been delivering babies since 1996.

Mrs. Drake said having Rothman there for the hardest parts of her labor was very reassuring. “Mairi would suggest changing positions and would be there to rub my back and I think that was the most surprising thing for me about the whole experience was how present she really was with me the whole time.”

And her delivery was a memorable birthing experience.

“As soon as the baby came out, she was immediately placed on my chest,” she said. “So I got to say hello to my baby right away, and Derek was right there so he was the second person that she would have seen. It was really, really special to have all of the intensity gone and this new part of life started in such a gentle way.”

Certified nurse-midwives are nurses who receive specialized training in obstetrics, labor and delivery. They generally work with low-risk pregnancies, and are required to have a plan for consultation, collaboration and referral with other levels of medical care should things become complicated.

“I have this poster that says ‘home birth; it’s not just for hippies anymore,’” noted Ms. Rothman with a smile, “because women from every walk of life choose to have their babies at home.”

The numbers are growing, even though midwives have often had to struggle with negative stereotyping.

Opponents of home birth cite studies that claim a higher risk of neo-natal deaths due to the distance a patient would have to travel to get to a medical facility in case an emergency develops. But Ms. Rothman said these studies are not based on science and are the subject of great controversy in the birth community.

“Midwives have fought for legitimacy for many decades, so as a result they’ve become extra competent, extra vigilant, and very much specialists in the care of women experiencing normal childbirth and normal pregnancy.”

She notes that in many countries in the world, many of them with much better infant mortality rates that the U.S., midwifery care is the portal of entry into the maternity care system.

“Everyone starts with a midwife,” she explained, “and they only move to a more specialized form of care if it’s indicated by their personal health. But in the vast majority of cases you don’t need medical care, you just need maternal health care during your pregnancy.”

She points to the Netherlands, which has some of the best outcome data of anywhere in the world in terms of maternal infant and infant mortality, where a third of the babies are born at home.

Concerns about the safety of using a midwife are unfounded, agrees Eugene Declercq, professor and assistant dean of community health sciences at Boston University School of Public Health.

“The evidence suggests that an integrated system where midwives do what’s often called primary care, first line care, for mothers is every bit as safe as a system based entirely on having high-risk specialists do all the births.”

That approach is summed up by a phrase used in England: "all mothers deserve a midwife and some mothers need an obstetrician too." "I think that describes to me what would be an ideal system; that care starts with midwives but that they work in conjunction with obstetricians around cases that may require risk and may require more specific medical intervention.”

According to Declercq, that sort of cooperative approach offers safety at a lower cost. “The impact of that in the long run would be less intervention in our system and most importantly, intervention only when it’s necessary.”

The larger point, he said, is to have an integrated system where midwives and obstetricians are working together and not at odds with each other.

And that seems to be happening at a slow but steady rate. Many hospitals around the country are responding to women's interest in having a more natural birth experience by working more closely with midwives and are also setting up baby-friendly environments where mothers can keep their babies with them in a home-like setting and receive nutrition and breastfeeding support.

In the meantime, new mom Beth Drake encourages women who are thinking about their childbirth options to educate themselves about their choices so they can make the best decision for themselves - and their babies.

Iowa is key state Nov. 4
for winning the U.S. Senate

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

The balance of power between Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Senate hinges on the outcome of the Nov. 4 midterm elections. Each party is campaigning for votes in close races, including the midwestern state of Iowa. The winner in Iowa could be decided by the party most successful in convincing their supporters to get out to vote.

Even though the Nov. 4 midterm elections are still days away, the polls are open in Iowa.

Early voting here began in late September, and so far, more than 300,000 people have cast ballots, including 18-year-old Jameisha Morgan. She says, "It felt good after I voted and to turn in my vote.”

It was the first time Ms. Morgan cast a ballot in an election. She is supporting Democratic candidate Bruce Braley in the U.S. Senate race in Iowa. She says the biggest reason other voters her age don't cast their ballots is a lack of interest.

“They’re not even worried about the election. Most people don’t even know who Bruce Braley is," she said. "So getting them to talk about it and be educated is the hardest part.”

Ms. Morgan has some help in that effort, thanks in part to high profile visits to the state and campaign rallies that featured former secretary of State Hillary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Speaking specifically to young voters on Iowa university campuses to support Bruce Braley, the first lady’s message was simple - each vote counts.

“Make no mistake about it, this race is going to be tight," said Mrs. Obama. "And we know that races like this can be won or lost by just a few thousand, even a few hundred votes.”

Braley’s challenger, Republican Joni Ernst, echoed a similar message to GOP supporters at the annual Ronald Reagan Dinner in the state capital, Des Moines.

“Every vote makes a difference, folks," said Ernst. "I’m asking all of you if you haven’t voted yet, please make sure that you absentee vote.  Make sure you do that. If you would rather go to the polls, that’s great. But make sure you go to the polls.”

University of Iowa political science Professor Tim Hagle says the key to winning the close Senate race in Iowa is courting the vote of those not affiliated with either political party.

“It wasn’t expected that this Senate race for us would be this close. it is giving us more attention,” he said.

“The independents here, what we call no party voters, is an even larger group than Democrats or Republicans," he said. "Now they don’t turn out quite as well for midterm elections than those who have registered for one of the parties, but you have to energize your base, and reach out to those no party voters because they are the ones who are going to decide the election.”

Voting Registration numbers back up Hagle’s assessment. He adds the party affiliation of those who have signed up to vote in Iowa is split almost evenly between Democrats and Republicans. 

Most polls show Joni Ernst and Bruce Braley virtually tied in the lead up to Election Day Nov. 4.



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