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San José, Costa Rica, Friday, Feb. 27, 2015, Vol. 15, No. 41
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Satellite image research
shows greater deforestation

By the American Geophysical Union news staff

The rate at which tropical forests were cut, burned or otherwise lost from the 1990s through the 2000s accelerated by 62 percent, according to a new study which dramatically reverses a previous estimate of a 25 percent slowdown over the same period.

That previous estimate from the U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization was based on a collection of reports from dozens of countries. The new estimate, in contrast, is based on vast amounts of Landsat image data which directly record the changes to forests over 20 years.

"Our study is the first pan-tropical scale analysis,” said University of Maryland geographer Do-Hyung Kim, lead author of the new study accepted for publication in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union.

Kim and his University of Maryland colleagues Joseph Sexton and John Townshend looked at 34 forested countries which comprise 80 percent of forested tropical lands. They analyzed 5,444 Landsat scenes from 1990, 2000, 2005 and 2010 with a hectare-scale (100 by 100 meter) resolution to determine how much forest was lost and gained. Their procedure was fully automated and computerized both to make the huge data sets manageable and to minimize human error.

They found that during the 1990 to 2000 period the annual net forest loss across all the countries was 4 million hectares (15,000 square miles) per year. During the 2000-2010 period, the net forest loss rose to 6.5 million hectares (25,000 square miles) per year, a 62 percent increase is the rate of deforestation. That last rate is the equivalent to clear cutting an area the size of West Virginia or Sri Lanka each year, or deforesting an area the size of Norway every five years.

In terms of where the deforestation was happening, they found that tropical Latin America showed the largest increase of annual net loss of 1.4 million hectares (5,400 square miles) per year from the 1990s to the 2000s, with Brazil topping the list at 0.6 million hectares (2,300 square miles) per year. Tropical Asia showed the second largest increase at 0.8 million hectares (3,100 square miles) per year, with similar trends across the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand and the Philippines. Tropical Africa showed the least amount of annual net forest area loss. Still, there was a steady increase of net forest loss in tropical Africa due to cutting primarily in Democratic Republic of Congo and Madagascar.

The new, satellite-based study “really provides a benchmark of tropical forest clearing not provided by other means,” said geographer Douglas Morton, who studies forest cover by satellite sensing at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

However, the U.N. agency’s report is not as flawed as it may seem, argues Rodney Keenan, a University of Melbourne, Australia, forest science researcher who participated in the agency’s last forest assessment. Unlike the satellite evaluation, he explained, other deforestation estimates are based on ground based surveys of trees, often supplemented by imagery.  “Both approaches are useful and people need to understand the distinctions and implications of different approaches,” he said.

Terrorist on murder videos
may have been identified

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

Media reports said the masked Islamic State militant who appeared in several videos of hostage beheadings has been tentatively identified. But security sources caution that the reports may not be accurate.

Reports Thursday quoted friends of Mohammed Emwazi as saying they believe he is the tall, London-accented speaker, dubbed Jihadi John.

In the Islamic State videos, the man appears clad completely in black, with a mask over his face and a holster under his arm.

A European security source declined to confirm Emwazi was Jihadi John, saying “the story is much more complicated.”

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Emwazi was heavily involved with the British jihadist group within the Islamic State, nicknamed by Western captives as the Beatles, who are involved in the beheadings of Western hostages.

Neither the U.S. nor British governments would confirm the 27-year-old, Kuwaiti-born Emwazi, who grew up in West London and graduated with a computer programming degree from the University of Westminster, is the notorious knife-wielding executioner.

The U.S. National Security Council issued a statement, saying investigations are continuing into the execution of Western hostages by the militant Islamic State group.

“We will not comment on ongoing investigations and therefore are not in a position to confirm or deny the identity of this individual,” the agency said in its statement following The Washington Post’s report Thursday that identified Jihadi John.

British officials also declined to comment, and the head of Britain’s counter-terrorism agency urged the media to be cautious in its reporting, saying the lives of those still being held captive by the militants could be placed in even greater danger.

Emwazi's family declined a request for an interview, citing legal advice, according to the Post.

There was no answer at two addresses in west London where Emwazi was listed to have lived. Neighbors described the family as normal people and friendly.

Jihadi John, nicknamed by Western hostages, first appeared in a video last August overseeing the killing of American journalist James Foley.

He later appeared in beheading videos involving four other Western hostages: Britons David Haines and Alan Henning, and Americans Peter Kassig and Steven Sotloff. Last month, he also appeared in a video with Japanese hostages Haruna Yukawa and Kenji Goto shortly before they were killed.

In all of the videos Jihadi John, speaking in oddly accented British, taunted Western powers before holding his knife to the hostages' necks. The victims' decapitated bodies were then shown after the beheadings.

Because of the brutal nature of the Islamic State videos, British and U.S. intelligence services were ordered to uncover the identity of the masked man. Authorities used voice and facial recognition techniques, as well as interviews with former hostages.

CAGE, a civil rights group that works with Muslims in conflict with British intelligence services, has worked with Emwazi since 2009. CAGE activists sought to blame Emwazi’s radicalization on harassment by British and European intelligence agencies. CAGE was founded by former Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg.

Asim Qureshi, the research director at CAGE, said that although he could not be certain Emwazi was Jihadi John, there were some striking similarities.

However, Qureshi told reporters, “There's one character that I remember, one kind person that I remember, and then I see that image and there doesn't seem to be a correlation between the two."

The International Center for the Study of Radicalization at London's King's College, a leading resource for studying foreign jihadists, said it believed the identity to be accurate and correct.

"The fact that Jihadi John has been unveiled in this manner demonstrates that whatever efforts are made, the ability to mask one's identity is limited or in fact impossible, and their true identities will eventually be revealed," the King's College research center said on its Web site.

Friends and acquaintances said they believe he began to radicalize in the past few years after trips to Africa and the Middle East.

According to media reports, he and two friends were going on a planned trip to Tanzania when authorities detained them upon landing in Dar es Salaam. They were eventually deported to Amsterdam.

While there, reports say Emwazi was interrogated by British and Dutch intelligence officers, who accused him of trying to join the Islamist militant group Al-Shabab in Somalia.

CAGE activists also claim British and Dutch intelligence sought to recruit him to spy on terrorists.

Media reports also said that Emwazi was angered after being barred three times from flying from London to Kuwait, according to emails he sent to the rights group CAGE. In a 2010 email, Emwazi claimed he "had a job waiting for me and marriage to get started" in Kuwait.

It was impossible to verify the version of events given by CAGE, which drew criticism for shifting the responsibility for Emwazi's crimes.

According to court documents obtained by the BBC, however, Emwazi’s radicalization would appear to have predated 2009.

The documents outlined his participation in a group of young West Londoners stretching back to 2007 who “associated regularly with members of a network of United Kingdom and East African-based extremists.” The documents allege the group provided “funding and equipment to Somalia for terrorism-related purposes.”

The Post reported Emwazi was believed to have traveled to Syria around 2012 and, later, to have joined the Islamic State group.

Congress goes down to wire
on Homeland Security budget

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

Lawmakers from both major parties held news conferences Thursday to publicly trade blame for the impasse over immigration that got them into another down-to-the-wire budget battle, this time over funding for the Department of Homeland Security. 

House Speaker John Boehner refused to say what he would do next if the Senate sent over a bill without the provisions to block the president’s executive action on immigration.

“I just think it is outrageous that Senate Democrats are using Homeland Security funding for blackmail to protect the actions of the president,” the Ohio Republican said.

Most Democrats strongly favor the executive action, announced late last year by the president, which would shield up to 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation and let them apply for work permits and legal status.  Most Republicans oppose the action, saying the president is overstepping his authority.

House and Senate Democrats want House Republicans to separate the immigration issue from Homeland Security funding. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the Republicans’ intransigence is harmful to U.S. national security.

“It is about time for them to grow up and pass this bill,” the California Democrat said.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, said it is crazy to even consider shutting off security funding at a time of heightened terror alerts.

“American people are frightened and rightfully so," he said. "ISIS appears to have money, terrorists appear to have money — why shouldn’t our homeland have the ability to protect itself?”

Behind the scenes, some Republican lawmakers said they are working on short-term funding bills as a way to avert a shutdown. 

If Congress fails to pass a spending bill, some 30,000 Homeland Security employees, mostly administrative staff, will be furloughed. Some 240,000 other DHS employees, however, would have to report to work without getting paid because they are deemed essential to U.S. national security.

The Department of Homeland Security encompasses airport screeners, the Coast Guard, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Border Patrol agents and Secret Service agents who protect the president and his family, among other employees.

Another session is today
about reopening embassies

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

A Cuban delegation will be at the State Department today to talk about restoring diplomatic ties with the United States for the first time since 1961 — part of President Barack Obama's initiative to end the trade embargo against Cuba.

A senior State Department official said Friday's session would focus solely on doing what needs to be done to open embassies in Washington and Havana as quickly as possible.

"This is where we roll up our sleeves as diplomats and sit down at the table and make sure that we hammer all of the details out to get embassies up and running the way we have embassies all over the world," the official told reporters.

The official said the number of things that will be accomplished and the time frame for getting them done will depend in part on what the Cubans bring to the table.

Cuba has said it will be linking the embassy issue to whether the U.S. drops it from the State Department's list of state sponsors of terrorism.

The official said that the U.S. delegation is not linking the two issues and that the review of the terrorism list is a separate, ongoing process.

The State Department official said the Cubans should feel comfortable that the matter is under review. "It would be very easy to restore diplomatic relations if they would not link those two things," the official said.

The official also said a human rights dialogue would be the first open conversation between the U.S. and Cuba after diplomatic ties were resumed.

Last month in Havana, the U.S. and Cuba began a series of meetings to re-establish ties.

The U.S. imposed a trade embargo on Cuba in 1960 and closed its embassy one year later after Communist leader Fidel Castro overthrew the U.S.-backed government.

pastic patch
Voice of America graphic
The location of the Pacific trash patch

Most of plastic in Pacific
becomes invisible sludge

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

A University of Georgia study released in February estimated 8 million tons of plastic garbage was dumped into the oceans in 2010.

In the Pacific Ocean, currents collect that plastic into a huge slowly spinning garbage patch where it poses a major environmental threat to sea life.

The culprit, researchers say, is plastic. Coming from virtually everywhere — a veritable river of garbage winding its way into the world's oceans — the trash concentrates in five of the Earth’s ocean gyres, which are naturally occurring circular currents, according to University of Hawaii marine scientist Dave Karl.

“As you get closer and closer to the central axis of that feature, the waters become more quiescent," says Karl, who is part of a team of Honolulu-based researchers tracking the huge Pacific trash patch and monitoring its impact on marine life. "So they tend to trap floating debris.”

The Pacific patch is famously as big as the U.S. state of Texas, but Karl says what is seen from passing ships or the air is mostly empty ocean.

“The impression that people got about this patch was that it was a solid mass of plastic," he says. "You could almost jump off your boat and walk across the state of Texas on this plastic footing. That is not the way it is at all.”

Oceanic churning quickly reduces much of the plastic to a chemical sludge, says Allen Clark of Hawaii's East-West Center. In that particular form, he says, it becomes even more dangerous to marine life, since tiny plankton organisms consume the particles.

“The particles are eaten by things like jellyfish, who turn out to be one of the favorite food of larger fish, and then you go through the food chain to tuna and things of this nature," he says. "All of this material, and particularly the carcinogens, which get broken down by the animals into the constituent parts that are really bad, that gets concentrated in the fatty tissues of the fish.”

And the cycle is completed, as this micro-plastic ends up on beaches, in the wildlife and even in the food that winds up on the dinner table. According to Karl, plastic ocean trash is mostly invisible. Some is in fluid form and some sinks to the bottom and cannot be seen, so, until recently, it was hard to measure.

“So when we are talking about this contemporary Great Pacific Plastic Patch, as it has been called, we are only skimming the surface, literally,” Karl says.

That same University of Georgia study says if the trends continue, humans will be dumping 10 times as much plastic into the oceans during the next decade.

Scientists will continue to track the massive gyres, while on land there is ongoing research to determine if all this plastic might be harmful to humans.

D.C. marijuana law faces
congressional challenges

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

The debate over the legalization of marijuana in the United States is now centering on the nation’s capital — both in the halls of Congress and on the streets surrounding it.

District of Columbia residents voted last November to legalize the drug, but Congress put language in its budget to block funding for its regulation, setting up a host of challenges.

Despite the congressional move, the new D.C. law, which took effect Thursday, allows anyone over 21 to possess up to 2 ounces (56 grams) of marijuana and to grow up to six plants in their home, three of them mature. Sales are barred but transfers of up to 1 ounce (28 grams) are legal, and it remains illegal to smoke and consume in public. The drug is barred in about 20 percent of the city that is federal land.

“Prohibition has failed,” said Malik Burnett, policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance, which promotes liberalizing the country’s drug regulations.

But some in Congress vow to use their power to block implementation.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, warned D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser that she and other city officials could go to jail.

Bowser said the measure would take effect as planned.

Still, laws on the books complicate the matter and will likely leave some users in a legal quandary.

Federal law classifies marijuana as an illegal substance and anyone possessing it subject to arrest. In Washington, it is a criminal offense to possess marijuana on federal property — from parks and monuments to government buildings.

David Grasso, a member of the district’s legislative branch, is concerned people carrying marijuana may not even realize they are on federal land.

“You could have people walking down the street not knowing what the law is from one block to the next,” he said.

Opponents in Congress, led by Rep. Andy Harris, a Maryland Republican, attached a provision to the congressional budget bill prohibiting the D.C. government from spending any local money on the regulation of marijuana, Grasso said. “So we were prohibited by Congress from spending our own money on the implementation of marijuana regulations.”

Under the U.S. Constitution, Congress has jurisdiction over the District of Columbia and can override local laws.

In a statement, Rep. Harris said “any movement to legalize marijuana in D.C. is a willful violation of the law.”

But not having tightly regulated controls has left a loophole of uncertainty, according to Grasso.

“How are you going to get marijuana if you don’t grow it?” he asked. “You’re going to have to buy it from somebody. You really don’t eliminate the underground market.”

Grasso believes recreational marijuana should be regulated by the same federal bureau that controls alcohol sales. In January, he introduced a bill to tax and regulate marijuana in D.C., which he admits goes against the congressional order.

Under the current law, the city can neither tax nor regulate the drug — steps congress explicitly forbade.

“We should do that right away in spite of Congress,” he said.

Grasso foresees a day when there would be independent marijuana retail stores and perhaps restaurants “where they would cook with it.”

“People should be able to go to the store and purchase it, just like they purchase groceries,” Burnett said, adding that he favors private cannabis clubs where pot can be exchanged.

But Mayor Bowser is seeking to restrict those clubs since the D.C. law prohibits using marijuana in restaurants and bars.

Debates over the implementation of marijuana regulation is going on in several parts of the country. Rules similar to those outlined in the D.C. law took effect Tuesday in Alaska, and Colorado and Washington state already have legal marijuana. Oregon is poised for July 2015 legalization.

Polls indicate the majority of Americans support marijuana legalization.

Internationally, only North Korea, Uruguay and the Netherlands have legalized marijuana, while others have decriminalized the drug, or at least tolerate its use, especially in places where it has commonly been smoked.
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Maneul Antonio
Manuel Antonio Estates focuses on building vacation homes for clients within Manuel Antonio Estates and Palmas Pacifica. We take care of the details from permits and design to supervision of construction and management of the rentals, if needed. We provide privacy and security, and our gated community offers shared common recreational facilities, beautiful landscaping and parking areas. Our homes and lots are located just minutes from the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. If you've ever considered buying a second home, just minutes from the beach, do not hesitate, if you have any questions or would like to request more information please take full advantage of our Costa Rica real estate services and contact us today!
Manuel Antonio Estates    1 800 346-9724  (506) 8815-9606.

Ciudad Colon
Great Deal!! Apartment in condo with pool and extensive green areas:
Ciudad Colón, San José $112,000
The apartment has a master bedroom with a large ensuite bathroom with bath tub, and a smaller second bedroom/office with air conditioning. It has a second full bathroom, living/dining room, laundry room with hot water tank and storage area. The kitchen comes with granite countertops, a breakfast bar and new dishwasher. It has 82 m2 of construction. 2 balconies with beautiful views of the river and mountains. Private parking for one car. Elevator and a well presented reception area. Located in a very quiet and private neighborhood just 400 meters from the centre of Ciudad Colón. Within minutes to all major amenities in Santa Ana and Escazú. Easy access to the beach (less than 1.5 hrs).  24-hour security, visitor parking, pool, extensive and lush green areas, BBQ area, children’s playground and its own water treatment plant. Contact (506) 6022-9294 or 6022-9967, for further info or to arrange a viewing.

Suenos montage
Outrageous blowout prices on oceanfront condos in Los Sueños!

Located in the private Bay Residence enclave overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Los Sueños Resort and Marina, there are three gorgeous units available at unbelievable bargain pricing from $589,000.  All of these beautiful units are three bedrooms and two baths, 2,200 square feet, fully furnished and ready to move in.  Development includes a gym, access to 3 pools, jacuzzis, BBQ areas and the Beach Club.  If you’ve always wanted to own in Los Sueños, now is the time!  Contact  or call 8702-0778.  From U.S. call 209-482-1788.

Top floor unit: $649,000   Second floor unit: $675,000  Garden unit: $589,000

Newly available in Roca Verde
Well-built home of 215 m2, 3 bedrooms, two bath on 1,150 m2 of lot, with attractive rock retaining wall, carport, and a pool. Indoors there are high, vaulted hardwood ceiling, bright rooms, a laundry room.  The floor is ceramic tile in pastel shades. $247,000. Photos: 2446-5587.

San Ramon
Mountain home w/million dollar view near San Ramón
Beautiful home in the mountains near San Ramón with 180-degree view of the gulf of Nicoya.7 miles from San Ramón, 1 mile from Interamericana highway. 3,200 ft. elevation so temp is 65 to 75 year around. Electric gate, private drive. house built in 2010. 2 bedrooms, 1 baths, appliances included. High-speed internet installed, Direct TV via sling box on Internet. $199,000 Contact   Check out slide show HERE!


Spectacular view property on a ridge near Alajuela.  Large home and 3 rental homes totaling 7,300 square feet (678 square meters) live-in construction.  Property area is 3,376 square meters (0.83 acres) including a vacant lot for expansion options.  In total there are 10 bedrooms, each with an ensuite bath.  Property has pool, rancho, mirador, courtyard and covered parking.  Homes have romantic fireplaces, built-ins, storage, other luxury features.  Turnkey sale includes all appliances, furniture, fixtures, equipment.  Call Gerry at (506) 2441-8796 or e-mail at  See property video here:

See virtual tour of accommodations here:

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ARenal property
Location: Near Arenal        Price: $2.7 million
Size: 113 acres
Web site:

The farm is at the highest point on a stunning ridge bordered by pristine Costa Rican primary forest on all sides of the property, with active wildlife all throughout the area. On each of its gently rolling terraced lomas you get a glimpse of Volcán Arenal from a distance. This property has four different lagunas, a working organic farm and nursery, mature fruit trees, sheep corral, ideal for grazing horses with stunning views from all the hillsides. The Northern Zone of Costa Rica is the country's best kept secret, providing a perfect home base location to travel the country's many destinations while still maintaining the best climate at 400 meters above sea level.

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Jaco hotel

Beautiful beach hotel for sale.
Located at Jacó Beach, Costa Rica, Pacific Ocean.
Apartotel Costa Arenas is located just 5 minutes from the beach and 10 minutes from Jacó Downtown. The perfect place to rest in a cozy and familiar environment; surrounded by beautiful gardens. We have 11 fully equipped apartments. Also has swimming pool for adults and children and private parking 24 hours.  Retail value US$700,000.00   Contact:   Carlos Díaz  Local CR Phone: (506) 2643-2085   Email:   Web:

Live the dream!
Several profitable businesses, including a regional radio station, are for sale in Costa Rica. Certain purchases can provide the new owner with residency as well as a great lifestyle. So live your dream while making a profit. Contact:

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