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 San José, Costa Rica, Friday, Oct. 24, 2014, Vol. 14, No. 211
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Left foot
The University of Texas/ Yoel Stuart
The left hind foot of the green anole after evolution. Toe pad measurements were taken on the expanded scales at the end of the longest toe.

Scientists find adaptation
was quick for little lizard

By The University of Texas news service

Scientists working on islands in Florida have documented the rapid evolution of a native lizard species in as little as 15 years as a result of pressure from an invading lizard species introduced from Cuba.

After contact with the invasive species, the native lizards began perching higher in trees, and generation after generation, their feet evolved to become better at gripping the thinner, smoother branches found higher up.

The change occurred at an astonishing pace: Within a few months, native lizards had begun shifting to higher perches, and over the course of 15 years and 20 generations, their toe pads had become larger, with more sticky scales on their feet.

"We did predict that we'd see a change, but the degree and quickness with which they evolved was surprising," said Yoel Stuart, a postdoctoral researcher at The University of Texas at Austin and lead author of the study appearing in today's edition of the journal Science.

"To put this shift in perspective, if human height were evolving as fast as these lizards' toes, the height of an average American man would increase from about 5 foot 9 inches today to about 6 foot 4 inches within 20 generations — an increase that would make the average U.S. male the height of an NBA shooting guard," said Stuart. "Although humans live longer than lizards, this rate of change would still be rapid in evolutionary terms."

The native lizards studied, known as Carolina anoles or green anoles, are common in the southeastern U.S. The invasive species, Cuban anoles or brown anoles, are native to Cuba and the Bahamas. Brown anoles first appeared in South Florida in the 1950s, possibly as stowaways in agricultural shipments from Cuba, and have since spread across the southeastern U.S. and have even jumped to Hawaii.

This latest study is one of only a few well-documented examples of what evolutionary biologists call character displacement, in which similar species competing with each other evolve differences to take advantage of different ecological niches. A classic example comes from the finches studied by Charles Darwin. Two species of finch in the Galápagos Islands diverged in beak shape as they adapted to different food sources.

The researchers speculate that the competition between brown and green anoles for the same food and space may be driving the adaptations of the green anoles. Stuart also noted that the adults of both species are known to eat the hatchlings of the other species.

"So it may be that if you're a hatchling, you need to move up into the trees quickly or you'll get eaten," said Stuart. "Maybe if you have bigger toe pads, you'll do that better than if you don't."

Doctor returns to New York
and develops ebola symptoms

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

A New York City doctor who recently treated ebola victims in Guinea has become the first person in the U.S. city to be diagnosed with the virus

At an evening news conference, Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed the case, saying Craig Spencer has been placed in isolation and there is no cause for alarm.

"Ebola is an extremely hard disease to contract. It is transmitted only through a contact with the infected person's blood or other bodily fluids - not through casual contact. New Yorkers who have not been exposed to an infected person's bodily fluids are not at all at risk," said de Blasio.

Spencer Thursday notified the medical charity Doctors Without Borders where he worked hat he had a high fever and was nauseous; two symptoms of Ebola.

Officials are now looking for anyone who may have had contact with Spencer. He would be the fourth person diagnosed with Ebola on U.S. soil, and the first in New York.

Earlier Thursday, the West African nation of Mali reported its first case of Ebola, in what many warn could be another major setback to efforts to contain the disease.

Health Minister Ousmane Kone said on state television the patient is a 2-year-old girl who was brought to a hospital from neighboring Guinea.

"I can say it's a two-year-old girl who traveled accompanied by her grandmother. It is possible that these two people arrived at a time when the symptoms were not detectable, but that the illness evolved," said Kone.

Kone said the young girl's condition is improving thanks to quick treatment. She is in the western town of Kayes.

The ebola outbreak is concentrated in three West African countries, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

It has killed close to 4,900 people, including victims in the United States and Spain. There are almost 10,000 confirmed or probable cases.

U.S. government health officials are ordering travelers from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone to monitor their health for 21 days and give local health departments daily reports.

The monitoring program starts Monday in six eastern states, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia, where the majority of those travelers would visit. They will be given an ebola kit when they arrive at airports, including a thermometer.

In the latest case in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Spencer was familiar with symptoms and handled himself accordingly once he experienced symptoms.

Cuomo said the city is "as ready as one can be for this circumstance" and has been preparing for weeks to handle a possible ebola case.

The earlier ebola cases in the U.S. include a Liberian man who died in a Dallas, Texas, hospital two weeks ago. Two nurses who treated him are currently hospitalized, but are said to be doing well.

U.S. intelligence failures
blamed for Mideast mess

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

Concerns about the capabilities of U.S. intelligence agencies have been steadily rising, sparked in part by comments from President Barack Obama that they underestimated the rise of the group known as Islamic State.

But far from an intelligence failure, insiders and analysts warn the furor is symptomatic of larger problems that could haunt the U.S. in years to come.

For weeks, Islamic State militants have besieged Kobani, the majority-Kurd Syrian city at the doorstep of NATO partner Turkey.  Yet for weeks, U.S. military leaders said Kobani was not the focus of anti-Islamic State strategy.

Even as the U.S. authorized airdrops of aid to the town’s Kurdish defenders, and air strikes against Islamic targets in Kobani intensified, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said this week that the aid didn’t represent a shift in policy.

For critics of U.S. efforts to check the expansion of the Islamic State, the question is a resounding “why not?”  More importantly, they ask, why has the U.S. government been, by its own admission, behind the curve of events unfolding in Syria and Iraq.

Some critics of the U.S. administration have been quick to blame the problem on President Barack Obama and what they see as a weak foreign policy. Others have called it a failure of the U.S. intelligence community.

But some, including former members of the intelligence community and ex-government officials, see the crisis as symptomatic of larger problems not likely to go away in what promises to be a long battle against the Islamic State and groups with similar ambitions.

“I think it is fair to say the intelligence community was well aware of the problems,” said Reuel Marc Gerecht, a senior fellow with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “I suspect their basic analysis of ISIS was sufficient.”

Gerecht previously served as a Middle Eastern specialist at the CIA's Directorate of Operations and argues U.S. intelligence could have been better had Washington maintained a military presence in Iraq. Yet he contends the main problem, as it pertains to the Islamic State, was political.

“The White House has a certain narrative it wants to take about the Middle East, about jihadism, about al-Qaida, those that give allegiance to al-Qaida or to ISIS, so I think that narrative got in the way of the analysis,” he said.

That administration narrative, Gerecht said, included the view that the Islamic State was not the main threat. And while it was an outgrowth of al-Qaida in Iraq, eventually splitting with al-Qaida’s leadership, President Obama at one point compared the Islamic State to a junior varsity sports team, not in the same league as other, still loyal al-Qaida affiliates.

Obama later said that his junior varsity reference had been taken out of context, with the White House clarifying that he was talking not specifically about the Islamic State but about Islamist groups in general.

But it was not just the Obama administration that may not have been paying attention to the warnings.

“Republicans and many in the military that had been central to the counterinsurgency campaign in Iraq, frankly, kind of wanted to claim success,” said Brian Fishman, a counterterrorism research fellow at the New America Foundation and a fellow at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. “There was no real constituency in Washington for this sort of information.”

Even those focused on the region were often sidetracked by the conditions that allowed the Islamic State to thrive.  U.S. politicians determined to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad often overlooked the more dangerous elements within anti-Assad forces.  Others, bent on distancing the U.S. from the sectarian policies of Iraq's then-prime minister Nouri al-Maliki, provided a vacuum that helped Sunni discontent to grow.

Publicly, though, much of the blame has fallen on the U.S. intelligence community. President Obama told reporters in August that the advance of the Islamic State group across Syria and Iraq was more rapid than the intelligence estimates. On CBS’ "60 Minutes" last month, Obama said, "I think they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria.”

Yet since at least February, top intelligence officials were sharing stark assessments of the threat posed by the Islamic State.

In testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee, Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper put the number of fighters across Iraq and Syria at 20,000.  Then-Defense Intelligence Agency director, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, also warned that the Islamic State  “probably will attempt to take territory in Iraq and Syria to exhibit its strength,” going on to say that the group “has exploited the permissive security environment to increase its operations and presence in many locations.”

Despite such warnings, the response by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to the president’s comments seem conciliatory, with top officials publicly admitting they underestimated the Islamic State’s will to fight while overestimating the capabilities of the Iraqi security forces.

For some former officials, like Sarah Chayes, the mea culpas ring hollow.

“I don’t believe that you can’t gauge people’s willingness to fight,” she said

Ms. Chayes served as a special adviser to former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, and said the political climate in Iraq made Sunni Arab sympathy, and support, for the Islamic State nearly inevitable and something the intelligence community should have seen coming.

“When you have Shi’ite militias acting as death squads and these developments seem to be increasing, not decreasing, people are going to be fighting for their survival. How could you possibly underestimate peoples’ willingness to fight under those circumstances?” asked Ms. Chayes.

According to intelligence officials, such information was, and continues to be, readily available to top policy makers.

“Our experts routinely provide insights that explain the deeper context behind issues, illuminate underlying factors that drive developments, and identify patterns and trends,” CIA spokesman Todd Ebitz said. “We have never lost sight of our mission to provide consumers of our intelligence with a big picture understanding of key national security challenges.”

But the impact of such intelligence was muted, in part, because while it talked about the potential threat posed by the Islamic State, policy makers had their eye on threats deemed more immediate.  “ISIS and its predecessors at that time didn’t fall under that category,” the New America Foundation's Fishman said.

“As a result, the intelligence community was focused on the sort of primary needs of policy makers… terrorist groups that posed a more direct threat to the United States.”

Despite such criticism, U.S. intelligence officials say the community continues to work at an intense tempo on numerous global crises.  Nor are intelligence officials taking the failure to properly assess the will to fight of both the Islamic State and the Iraqi security forces lightly.

The CIA says it continues to track a wide-range of terrorist groups, according to agency spokesman Todd Ebitz, watching for signs any one group may be “shifting its focus or increasing its capabilities in a way that threatens the United States.”

But that is of little comfort to analysts like Fishman, who say designating only groups “actively and directly trying to attack the United States” as threats is a serious misstep.

“Groups like this can pose a major threat to U.S. interests, even if they’re not focused on attacking the United States,” Fishman said of the Islamic State  “The growth of this organization in Syria and Iraq poses a very serious destabilizing threat in the Middle East in a way that could really disrupt what has been considered core U.S. interests for decades.”

Like Fishman, Ms. Chayes puts part of the blame on efforts to reform the U.S. intelligence community following the 9/11 terror attacks against the United States.

She said while the changes did help improve intelligence by increasing communication between agencies, the changes also aimed U.S. intelligence in the wrong direction.

“What you had is a drift of the intelligence community toward essentially being a paramilitary organization,” Ms. Chayes said, “the intelligence gathering and analysis being in support of that sort of paramilitary activity: basically finding and fixing targets.”

Former CIA specialist Reuel Marc Gerecht is even more blunt in his assessment of just how much the U.S. missed by downplaying its own intelligence when it comes to the Islamic State.

“The problem of the Islamic State is certainly greater than the problem of the Taliban in 1998,” he said.

Haitians bring their case
on cholera to U.S. court

By the A.M. Costa Rica wire services

A U.S. District Court judge heard oral arguments Thursday in a lawsuit brought by victims of Haiti’s cholera outbreak who are seeking compensation from the United Nations.

The plaintiffs blame a contingent of Nepalese peacekeepers for bringing the disease to their nation after the 2010 earthquake.

The suit was filed on behalf of five Haitians and Haitian-Americans whose family members died of the water-borne disease or who were infected with it.

They allege that U.N. peacekeepers who were sent to the country after the devastating 2010 earthquake contaminated a branch of the Artibonite River with cholera. The river is the country’s main water source for tens of thousands of Haitians.

The United Nations has never taken responsibility for the crisis and is claiming immunity in this lawsuit.

In July, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Haiti and spoke to survivors and families of those who died, telling them he believed that “the whole international community, including the United Nations, has a moral duty” to stem the further spread of cholera.

It will be up to the judge to decide whether plaintiffs can pursue the case in a U.S. court.
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