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Institute of Ports to invest more than $1.3 million
to promote tourism in the San Lucas island

By A.M. Costa  Rica staff

The Costa Rican Institute of Ports of the Pacific (known as INCOP for its acronym in Spanish) is investing $1,347,000 for infrastructure improvement to promote tourism in the National Wildlife Refuge on San Lucas Island.

The president of the Juan Ramón Rivera Institute reported that, "an articulated work is being carried out to prepare San Lucas Island with the necessary basic equipment with two objectives: to encourage tourism and protect the valuable heritage that is at risk of deterioration."

The institute confirms that Friday it will begin the construction of a perimeter wall around the park ranger’s house on the island. This step is an investment of more than $11,000. In addition, improvements will be made in the rangers house where household furniture, appliances, and miscellaneous items will be installed.

The improvements have the objective of preserving the cultural legacy of the island, such as the cells of the old prison, the moat, the corridors and the structure around the prison.

According to the institution, the total amount of the investment is in the final approval phase.
"The institution is also waiting for the validation of the Cultural Heritage Conservation Center for the materials with which a project will be executed to build a battery of bathrooms, a storage center, and prepare the path that goes towards the Cocos beach," added Rivera.

Costa Rican Tourism Institute courtesy photo   
The improvements have the objective of preserving
the cultural legacy of the island.

Currently the ports institute, the tourism institute and the tourism chamber are also promoting visitation to Isla San Lucas and the other islands of the gulf.

San Lucas Island, declared National Wildlife Refuge in 2001 and Architectural Historical Heritage of Costa Rica in 2002, has an area of 472 hectares and consists of a penitentiary center, a chapel, 6 cell blocks, a dispensary, the surveillance unit and a bathroom module.









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