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San José, Costa Rica || Thursday Edition, August 24, 2017 || Vol. 17, No. 168
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Margarita Bertheau work
Museo de Arte Costarricense photo
Work by Margarita Bertheau.
Alfredo Ceibal
MADC photo
Work by Alfredo Ceibal.
Unreleased pieces by famous Tica
to be displayed this coming Friday

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Works in watercolor, with oil pastels, in drawing and now the unpublished pieces of Margarita Bertheau will be on display at the Museo de Arte Costarricense this coming Friday.

The Costa Rican artist is famous for her landscapes, portraits and watercolors. However, her geometric, surrealist and abstract work has remained outside the public eye for more than 60 years, according to a statement from the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud. The new exhibit at the museum reveals over 120 unpublished pieces by Ms. Bertheau as well as documents and photos related to her life and relationship with ballet. The opener of the exhibit will be at the museum in Parque La Sabana at 7 p.m. Thursday, organizers said.

Ms. Bertheau was born in San José in 1913 and is considered one of the most important Costa Rican artists of the 20th century. “Although she is known for her landscapes, portraits and nudes, Bertheau made, from the early 50s, surrealist, expressionist and abstract works,” said Sofía Soto-Maffioli, the museum’s director. “Too innovative for their time, these works received harsh criticism and have remained forgotten for more than 60 years.”

Ms. Soto-Maffioli called the artist one of the pioneer artists for the avant-garde movement in Costa Rica. The exhibit will include some of the more famous pieces such as “Yolanda Oreamuno” and the “Cementerio de Escazú.” The new exhibit will be open to the public up through October, organizers said with entry free.

“Together with Francisco Amighetti, they pioneered in the 1940s and 1950s, the development of mural painting techniques adapted to the conditions and materials of the tropics,” a statement from the museum said. “Bertheau died at the age of 62, at her home in Escazú, on Nov. 21, 1975. Numerous portraits, landscapes and interiors are preserved in museum collections in Costa Rica, as well as in some private collections.”

Meanwhile, in the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo, there is another exhibit opening Thursday at 6 p.m. Les Megiciens de la terre takes viewers through the magical universe of Guatemalan artist, Alfredo Ceibal, the culture ministry said. “If the spectator watches closely, they will find nature, crime, wars, violence, politics and religion,” a statement from the museum said. “According to the artist, we are dream-makers and from there we make and unravel, we break down worlds and empires to build others.”

Ceibal was originally born in Guatemala City in 1954 and is self-taught in art. He began his career in New York City back in the 1980s and has been featured in the Smithsonian Institution Collection along with the Bronx Museum of the Arts.

Trends in coffee consumption vary
by generation,ULatina study says

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The generation born in the 80s lost the tradition of drinking coffee because nobody taught them or because they do not like the flavor. This means that, in the future, coffee consumption will be a fast ritual, with good quality coffee in hand and in a pleasant context for socialization purposes.

These are some of the findings of the Café study conducted by the Universidad Latina: “From the house to the cafeteria: what happens when an economy shifts from agriculture to services?”

According to the professor and researcher of the study, Juan Aguirre, one of the causes of this reduction in coffee consumption in young people is due to the fact that currently this drink competes in the market with juices, tea, and soft drinks that 50 years ago did not exist.

 The cultural and socio-economic changes have caused consumption of coffee to not grow, which breaks with a coffee tradition of more than 150 years, despite the fact Costa Rica has stood out worldwide as one of the best producers, Aguirre said.

In addition, people born in the 1980s said they stopped drinking coffee because their parents did not teach them to consume this drink.

"The new generations are developing new patterns of food consumption," added Aguirre. "In addition, today's college student is different as he or she works to help fund his studies and has little time for traditional socializations with parents and family.”

The study was applied to 370 students aged 18 to 30 years old in order to know their patterns of coffee consumption. The selection was random, interviews were conducted over a period of three weeks. The sample has a margin of error of five percent.

 According to the data, this group prefers coffee at breakfast and consume, on average, one cup. In the 90's this population consumed almost two and a half cups. In the case of women, 44 percent drink it only at breakfast and 32 percent at breakfast and mid-afternoon.

By comparison, 38 percent of men surveyed drink coffee only at breakfast and 27 percent at breakfast and mid-afternoon.

The 85 percent who drink coffee at least once a day, do so for the socialization followed by tradition, family and culture. In addition, Costa Ricans have changed the meeting place for coffee. Before the 1980's, homes were the meeting places for the whole family.

Now, people prefer this drink in the workplace and in restaurants, as the goal is to socialize, the study says.

In this sense women prefer their homes to drink coffee, while men prefer restaurants. Also, the study found that, of the total of those interviewed, 33 percent who do not drink coffee have switched that out for juice or tea. 

Aguirre said the results of the study intend to support the coffee sector in order to understand the new dynamics of the market and the need for new strategies for Millennials.

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Brodell Book
Costa Rica: Remarkable Tales from Our Super Vacation Spot

By the staff and contributors at A.M. Costa Rica
 (editor)A.M. Costa Rica celebrates its 16th anniversary with a compilation of classic news reports geared to the needs of foreigners living here and those elsewhere with personal or business interests in this vacation paradise. Each seeks to tell something new or original about the vacation and retirement mecca.  
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Brodell book 2
The Dark Side of Pura Vida: Murder, Betrayal, Abduction and Revenge in the Vacation Paradise

By James J. Brodell. Retired baseball player Jack Patterson becomes suspicious after his younger sister dies in a Pacific Ocean rip tide while on vacation in Costa Rica. Jack has to go there to find answers to troubling questions. But soon he is hijacked by a gang of avengers led by an icy Costa Rican-American woman who carries twin pistols strapped to her chest. Jack soon helps uncover a web of corruption and greed . Read a sample and purchase the book HERE!

Trapped in Damas Cave
Trapped In The Damas Cave, Costa Rica

A true story by author Dusty Pilot, who lived in Costa Rica for 11 years. Dusty tells his horrifying story of being trapped in the Damas Cave, near Quepos, for 26 hours. The book is available from Amazon in both digital and print format. Digital format will be on sale for $0.99 until Aug. 30. Visit Amazon.com to preview or purchase, or DustyPilot.com/cave.html More information Contact Dusty Pilot Email: dusty@dustypilot.com US phone: 001 440 796-4105¯

New World Meditation
New World Meditation: Focusing-Mindfulness-Healing-Awakening

By Lucinda Gray PhD

You will be Free to Live, Love, Work and Play in the Full Creative Expression of Your Authentic Self. New World Meditation is easy to learn, easy to practice, and profoundly transformational.  More information HERE!
                          is a Tropical Garden

    Life is a Tropical Garden By Victoria Torley 
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