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President Alvarado inspected construction
of new overpass at $163 million traffic circle

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

On Thursday, President Carlos Alvarado inspected the construction progress of the new overpass at the north traffic circle project.

The construction of the new traffic circles (one in the north and other at the east of San José) will cost $163 million. They were financed by a loan from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration. The Estrella-H Solís Consortium is in charge of the construction.

The new construction that includes the north traffic circle is located in Colima in Tibas*. It will have a length of 2.25 km, with four lanes, and marginal roads will operate to access existing properties and streets in the lower section.

President Alvarado said, "the advance in the north traffic circle, after many years of waiting, reflects that we can move forward as a country promoting works of transcendence, where around 100,000 vehicles circulate daily."

The Ministry of Public Works said the work at the north traffic circle is being executed simultaneously in three functional units, which has allowed greater speed in the execution of the work.

The second section is located between León XIII* and
Colima in Tibas*, and is 90 percent completed. The project is a four-lane highway 1.3 km long.

The third unit is located between Colima and the Triangulo de la Solidaridad* in Tibas. There, gigantic piles were built on which the concrete slabs of traffic circle's overpass will be placed. That work is 45 percent complete.

The project begins in the area where the Rafael Vargas Quirós School* is located. The school must be demolished for the project to go forward, but a new school is planned.

Ministry of Public Works courtesy

Traffic circles  will cost $163 million financed by
a loan from the Central American Bank for
Economic Integration.

The fourth unit is between
Triangulo de la Solidaridad* and Calle Blancos*. Currently, it is 7 percent complete.

Rodolfo Méndez, Minister of Public Works reports that the new highway will relieve congestion in this sector of the capital, and pointed out that the "4.1 km that are built will link the traffic circle ring with national routes #1, #27 and #32."

Méndez reported that for the construction of this Traffic circle project the government had to exercise eminent domain over 100 properties.

Should the government invest more in roads in poor condition instead of building two new traffic circles? We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to: news@amcostarica.com

*Link to reach the place on map.








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