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San José, Costa Rica || Friday Edition, June 23, 2017 || Vol. 17, No. 124
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U.S. Income Tax

Tax time
U.S. Income Tax Services
Marlene B. Summers
ax Accountant Licensed by the I.R.S.
Ms. Summers
Marlene B. Summers
Let’s discuss your tax situation.

The IRS has become more aggressive and if you have not filed, you must do so. 

However, there are solutions to problems and your situation may be better than you think.

If your filing is not up to date, Streamlined Filing can be used with no penalties.
Including disclosure of foreign corporations to avoid serious problems.

If tax payment is holding you back, the IRS has options to solve payment problems.

You can file current or past due FBARs without payment to meet IRS  requirements.

If you have yet to file, do it now as there is still time.

Over 30 years experience in Costa Rica
and Silicon Valley.
Competitive rates.

Phone (506) 2289-6590 or (506) 8750-2316
Email: marlene.summers@gmail.com


Dr. Gray
Dr. Lucinda Gray
California Licensed
International Practice

• Anxiety
 • Depression
 • Relationship Problems
CR (506) 2228-2041
US (310) 827-4241
New World Meditation

Legal Services

American/Costa Rican staff
to properly assist you


* Corporate, Labor, Family Law (marriage / divorce),
* Litigation. 
* Immigration: Temporary/Permanent Residency, Investor/Retiree Status, Work permits 
* Naturalization
* Real Estate
* Notary Services
* Collections and Foreclosures 
* Wills and Testaments, Probates 
* Free Zone Regime 
* Legal fees calculated by CR s Bar of Lawyers

Our Business/Construction Unit
will be glad to assist you on:
* How to start a business in CR
* How to import/export to CR: Sanitary, registration Certificates, free sales certificates, logistics
*Constructions projects: Municipal permits, contracts, due diligence to buy / build your home or project in CR. 

Contact Info:
Phone:​(506) 2239-4883 
Email: ​info@mbcproductscr.com
Web: ​www.mbcproductscr.com
*Offices conveniently located in Rohrmoser and Belén-Heredia / Costa Rica

Gerwerter graphic


I.R.S. Criminal and Civil Issues

Consult with a U.S. licensed Tax Attorney in Costa Rica concerning your I.R.S. Issues

Tax Fraud Investigation or Prosecution:
  * Hiding income in secret, offshore accounts
  * Investing in or promoting bogus tax shelters
  * Failing to report or hiding income

I.R.S. Criminal Investigations, including non-filing of tax returns, tax evasion, filing false income tax returns, money laundering, currency reporting requirements, offshore banking reporting requirements, false statements, and false offer in compromise submissions.

Confidential and Privileged Communication
Former University Lecturer and I.R.S. Lecturer
Harold P. Gewerter, Esq., Ltd., J.D., M.S.
Email: hgewerterlaw@gmail.com
USA phone: (702) 375-9471
CR phone: (506) 6042-7116

Associated with Carballo y Carballo, Abogados
in Costa Rica


Adrian Fernandez
Attorney & Notary

A Fernandez
Notary services and registrations. Collections and foreclosures. Real estate and litigation. Corporate Law. Immigration. Estate planning wills and testaments, probate.

I provide the highest professional standards. Official documentation and Notary deeds are always translated in English for better comprehension, client satisfaction and safety.

 Call me for advice
    Phone:  2280-9692 / 2253-3705
    Email: ajfernandez@racsa.co.cr
    Law Office is conveniently located near  Mall San Pedro, 350 meters south  from the Hyundai dealer, Los Yoses, San José.

Real estate agents and services

Costa Rica's first Realtor specialized
in eco properties, eco consulting and green living.

Eco graphic
   • Specialized in the Central and South Pacific.
   • Great network of Realtors, to find your dream
   • Homes, condominium & luxury homes
   • Eco lodges and hotels
   • Green properties and waterfalls
   • Farms and developments
   • Sustainable and green living communities.
   • Property management in the Jacó area

Romantic Country Bungalow Click Here
Dream Property River Click Here

www.ecorealtorscr.com    info@ecorealtorscr.com
Telephone: +506 2637-6285
cell: +506 8825-6556  
Skype: ecorealtorscr
Facebook: ecorealtorscr
In front of Subway at Plaza Herradura, Jacó Green NAR designee, member of the CCBR, CRGAR


                                                      Services rollover
Dental Services Costa Rica

Dr Oscar Vargas specialist in prosthodontics
Where Science and Art meet!

Give yourself a bright and healthy smile.  Our professional practice is geared to exceptional quality in all procedures.   We are dedicated to technical perfection using cutting-edge technology.     

* DENTAL IMPLANTS:  One of the most successful ways to replace missing teeth.  Improve your quality of life, enjoy social activities with a beautiful natural smile.   Learn more HERE! 

* FULL MOUTH RESTORATION. We are experts and have specialized training of integral science going beyond the architectural design of the patient's desired smile.  HERE!  

* PORCELAIN VENEERS. achieve wonderful results to aesthetic goals for worn down, chipped, broken, discolored, uneven teeth and gaps between them. HERE! 

* PORTFOLIO please browse for information about our work.  HERE!
Contact us:
Dial toll FREE from USA or Canada:  1.800.901.0114
CR local phone:  +506-2274-3231
Cell: +506-8302-5877
Email:  info@dentalservicescostarica.com
Web:  www.dentalservicescostarica.com

Insurance professionals

The Garrett Insurance Group
-Brokerage fully licensed by the
-Experience since 1980.
-Bilingual English/Spanish.
-Represent all the best insurance
       companies in Costa Rica,
       BMI, Blue Cross, Blue
       Shield, ASSA, INS, etc.
-Correspondents of WILLIS.
-Connections in all of Central
-Superb communications.
-Prize-winning Web site.
-English policy extracts.
-Helps you settle your claims.
Centro Comercial El Pueblo, Local #125, San José. Phone:  ( 506 ) 2233-9520  or ( 506) 2233-2455
E-mail : info@garrettbrokers.com
More information HERE!

Residency experts


A full service immigration agency
U.S. and San José offices
There are four primary ways to apply for legal residency in Costa Rica:
    Retiree (Pensionado):  For those with a pension or other retirement income.
    Legal Resident (Rentista): For those with guaranteed non-salary income or savings.
    Business/Investor (Inversionista): For those with Costa Rican business or real estate investments.
    Marriage/Relation (Vinculo): For those married to or related to a Costa Rican citizen.

Getting and authenticating documents can be a chore. We know how to do it. Experienced with many nationalities. Up-to-date on Costa Rica's evolving immigration law.
Your first stop for smooth, professional service and a positive experience.
Javier Zavaleta
Residency in Costa Rica
P. O. Box 86352, Los Angeles, CA 90086
U.S. Phone: (323) 255-6116
U.S.  Fax (323) 344-1620
Phone in Costa Rica: ( 506 ) 2226=0755  (En español )

Email:  javier@residencyincostarica.com
Web: www.residencyincostarica.com


U.S. Tax International
Plus Costa Rican taxes, accounting, and legal
 services. Over 15 years in Costa Rica
U.S. Tax
(English spoken). Tamarindo office hours now available.  If you or anyone you know would like an appointment in Tamarindo, please call our San José office at 2288-2201 to make an appointment.
Contact Us:
 U.S 786-206-9473         CR 506-2288-2201
FAX: 506 2231-3300
E-mail: ustax@lawyer.com
Web page: www.ustaxinternational.com

James Brohl, C.P.A. & M.B.A. US Income Tax,  U.S. GAAP Accounting
& Business Consulting
pecializing in all matters of concern to U.S. taxpayers residing abroad including:
Uncle Sam's
IRS filing requirements of foreign income tax exclusion (up to $102,100 for 2017).
Past-due tax returns: Taxpayers filing before an IRS notice do not face criminal sanctions.
Reporting foreign financial assets: FBAR and foreign corporations.
Up-to-date FATCA news.
All US Tax return preparation:
individual, business, estate and trust.
eFile returns: secure with faster refunds.
Business consulting to facilitate working in Costa Rica.
Telephone 8305-3149 or 2256-8620
E-mail jrtb_1999@yahoo.com

Fine art restoration and conservation

Gilbert Carmichael
Master Art Restorer
European and U.S. standards. USPAP.
Paintings    Sculptures    Murals 
Porcelain and ceramic restoration
  Works on paper restoration
Gilbert Carmichael
  Conservation Curatorial  services
  Art expert services
  Other restoration services
  Condition evaluation
  Authenticity evaluation
  Art related insurance and 
       damage evaluations
  Art collection consultation
Experts in fine art restoration and conservation for the tropics. We clean mildew, mold, etc., repair, restore and offer art expert and curatorial services.

For more information please call (506) 8388-5328 or  email cocopopcr@yahoo.com

Ministerio de Seguridad Pública photo      
Gustavo Mata gestures during remarks at meeting.

Security officials meet with legislators

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Meanwhile, in an ironic twist of fate, officials from the public security ministry presented to the legislature’s committee on security and drug trafficking the various actions and projects being undertaken to combat crime throughout the country.

Gustavo Mata, the head of the Ministerio de Seguridad Pública, requested the meeting days ago, according to a report from ministry press offices. The report said that Mata sought to inform the various deputies about the progress of the ministry under his administration. This meeting amounted to a year-in-review type monologue that included all of the security gains made for 2017 in the realms of equipment and manpower.

Mata revealed that his forces are working to install another radar system in Limón that is expected to control, prosecute and combat marijuana trafficking from as far away as Jamaica and of cocaine from South American countries. He also said that the ministry plans to buy a $7 million vessel equipped with state-of-the-art technology to patrol and detain drug traffickers at sea and those conducting illegal fishing and immigration operations, the ministry said.

That is still not enough for the minister, however. As usual, the security ministry officials to press the Assemblea Legislativa for more men and more money called the meeting.

The same reasons were drawn out: that crime is on the rise and becoming more evasive as well as complex; the ministry is unable to conduct its operations to the best of its ability; that existing police forces are becoming overwhelmed with all the activity needed to combat an increasingly deadly foe.

Mata said that, in last week’s meetings with the United States and Central America, officials announced a plan to eliminate over 50,000 hectares of cocaine plantations in the region. He also mentioned that Colombia and Panamá will be joining Costa Rica in agreements to better patrol the oceans and take down transnational crime operations.

Aside from the speech on money and manpower, the security minister urged the approval of two primary things: joint patrolling with the United States and the support for creating the Ley de Extinción de Dominio.

This law, translated to English as being the extinction of domain, is a legal consequence in relation to illegal activities. Basically translated in layman’s terms, it is a process where ownership is declared in favor of the State by a judicial authority. This ownership is not compensated in any way, shape or form to the former owner of the property.

Blood drive in Palmares Sunday

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Palmares will be hosting a blood donation drive this Sunday to meet the needs and strengthen the reserves for the hospitals of the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social.

Donations will be accepted around 8 a.m. until noon at the facilities of Coopevegra R.L., organizers from the Banco Nacional del Sangre said. The Caja hopes to donate at least 120 people during the course of the event.

With each unit of blood received, the needs of four people can be met, the blood bank said. Moreover, Dr. María Eugenia Villalta Bonilla, the medical manager of the Caja, said that voluntary blood donations are the best ways to guarantee a quality transfusion.

Each donor is extracted between 400 and 500 milliliters of blood, or about 10 percent of the total blood flow throughout the body, the Caja said. The body recovers from the loss within 24 hours of losing it with the consumption of various liquids.

To be a donor one must be: at least 18 years old, over 110 pounds, carry a cédula or residence card, had a light breakfast with plenty of water and wait two hours before donating if one consumed eggs and dairy products.

Movistar called most reliable on 4G

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Movistar is the most reliable 4G mobile internet provider in the country, according to the State of Mobile Networks report released by OpenSigal.

The ranking is made by collecting information from 2,722 smartphones equipped with the organization’s app in the three major mobile networks: Claro, Kölbi and Movistar. It compares the performance of the networks in terms of availability, speed and latency, which is a network’s reaction time.

In regards to 4G networks, the study shows that Movistar service was available 73 percent of the time, while Kölbi clients, its closest follower, had access 56 percent of the time representing a 12 point jump from the previous evaluation made in November.

“Movistar’s 4G availability and Kölbi’s quick improvement should bode well for a competitive 4G future in the country,” the document reads. “Unfortunately, limited 4G data was available from Claro-connected devices, so the operator has been excluded from this category.”

“Costa Rica is still in the 4G slow lane,” the research adds.

In regards to 3G performance, the three main operators deliver a 2.5 Mbps average speed, when the global average is current is set at 4.4 Mbps, the report adds.

When it comes to the networks latency, Movistar also provided its users with the shortest lag times in the tests, while Claro and Kölbi remained practically tied up in this category.

“The mobile landscape in Costa Rica is set to change as new spectrum is released in Sutel’s forthcoming auctions,” the document says. “Authorities have now cleared both Movistar and Claro to bid for for more spectrum, which will allow operators increased 4G capacity.”

The Costa Rican telecom market was first opened for competition in 2011, as a consequence of the Central America Free Trade Agreement approved by popular vote in 2007.

Aside from the state owned Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad, Movistar and Telefónica became the institute’s first competitors.

At the time, Superintendencia granted a total of 130 Mhz of the radioelectric spectrum, which meant $195 million in revenue.

Bill calls for stricter labor rules

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Stricter fines and measures against employers who do not comply with the labor laws might be enforced  if bill 19.130 is approved in the Legislative Assembly during the discussion that started Wednesday afternoon and will continue next week.

The bill is supported by an unusual alliance among lawmakers Sandra Piszk from the traditionally right-leaning Partido Liberación Nacional and Patricia Mora, from the leftist Frente Amplio.

The initiative seeks to reform several articles of the current Código de Trabajo, which was first issued in 1948 and has been changed several times through the decades.

Some of the changes include the creation of a Labor Inspection Administrative Court, which would work independently from the Ministerio de Trabajo. This court would be part of the executive branch and would not replace the powers of the judicial courts of law.

However, fines and economic sanctions imposed by the labor inspectors can only by appealed in the administrative field, meaning the labor court.  The bill also grants inspectors the power to make their orders effective immediately when employer’s are requested to stop a certain behavior. Other orders are granted shorter deadlines than those in the current law.

In addition, the inspector may order a business to shut down in cases where minimum wages are not paid and the employer has been warned more than once.

The approval of the law faces hard opposition from the libertarian party. Legislators Natalia Díaz and Otto Guevara have said some of the regulation are contrary to constitutional liberties.

“It provides the inspectors with excessive discretion on how to apply the laws and it also endangers the privacy private businesses are entitled to,” Guevara said.

By that he means the power labor authorities would have to seize documents from non-compliant companies for investigation purposes, even if those documents are not strictly labor related such as suppliers lists and collection bills. Guevara also said some of the fines are too high and they might endanger the financial health of smaller  companies.

On the other side, Patricia Mora, one of the proponents said this initiative will be specially supportive of agricultural and blue-collar workers. She also added that foreign workers will be less vulnerable to abuse due to their temporary status.

She said the libertarian opposition to the bill seeks to benefit big corporations, where most of the abuses happen.

“Otto only says what the private businesses tell him to say,” Ms. Mora said.

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