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According to the index, Costa Rica is #34 in the world but #1 in Latin America
 / A.M. Costa Rica wire services

Costa Rica has top ‘Good Country Index’
in Latin America

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff
The Good Country International Index rates Costa Rica has the best place among the countries of Latin America.

The Good Country Index measures how much each of the 153 countries on the list contributes to the planet and to the human race through their policies and practices.

The Index is a composite statistic of 35 data points mostly generated by the United Nations. These data points are combined into a common measure which gives an overall ranking, and a ranking in seven categories: Science and Technology, Culture, International Peace and Security, World Order, Planet and Climate, Prosperity and Equality, and Health and Well-being

According to the index, Costa Rica is #34 in the world but #1 in Latin America, with the following scores

- #74 in Science & Technology,

- #24 in Culture,

- #25 in International Peace & Security,

- #28 in Global Contribution,

- #57 in Planet & Climate,

- #39 in Prosperity & Equality

- #84 in Health & Well-being.

Following Costa Rica, Chile is the country #35 in the World and #2 in Latin America.

According to the Index, the best country in the world is Finland. The Netherlands is second and Ireland is third.

In terms of other English-speaking countries, Canada is #11, the United Kingdom #15, Australia #18 and U.S.A. in #48 (14 positions behind Costa Rica).

The last position of the Index is for Iraq, with position #153 of the countries that were included in the study.

The complete index can be seen in ‘The Good Country’ link*



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