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Authorative information about your taxes and how to file
from the Dirección General de Tributación
This year you can file and pay your income sales tax and your yearly income tax via internet.

Just go to www.dgt.hacienda.go.cr  and download Eddi-7, a software that will facilitate the making of your tax return. Do it in your computer and upload it to the link Tributacion Direct@ in our Web page, from there, connect with your bank on the web and pay your tax just like you pay your water or electricity bill.

Please note that  only expenses related directly with your business are allowed and you must keep proof of such expenses in case of an audit by the authorities. Income from the rent of real estate is taxable here, and if you have money invested in CDs or other type of passive income  instruments where your bank withholds the tax, such income does not have to be included in your return. Expenses abroad are deductible only and as long as they are related with the generation of taxable income in Costa Rica.

Do remember that even if your accountant prepares the tax return for you, you will be liable as a taxpayer for whatever is stated there.

It is simple and easy, and soon all the tax forms will be available in English as well, but now a step-by-step guide in English is available

Thank you for filling your taxes correctly and on time.

Dirección General de Tributación. Ministerio de Hacienda