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A beachside hotel on the Gulf of Nicoya
hotel dining room
Beach hotel, Nicoya Peninsula, gulf side between Naranjo and Paquera

The hotel area, fronting on the best protected bay we know of,  includes titled and maritime zone [77.8 titled acres & 34.5 acres in  maritime zone with government-installed boundary markers].  This, with the hotel improvements is available for the greatly reduced price of $3,850,000 cash. Reasonable financing of up to 50 percent may be furnished to a qualified buyer.

The entrance is at the main public road over the steel reinforced drive and  interior roads through the preserved virgin forest throughout. The hotel  site has been augmented with professional landscaping.

Infrastructure includes reception/office areas, large restaurant, kitchen with walk-in freezer and chill rooms, bar, employee accommodations, outdoor game  areas, large pool, boating facilities, a pier, a helicopter-friendly landing
site, storage structures plus a 40-foot steel container with partially constructed decking andfoundation for two "villas," two high elevation water tanks (18,000 gallon
and 7,000 gallon back-up)

Swimming at our beach is safe with no rip tides or undertow, the families of howler monkeys and other small animals and the extensive bird life add charm to the virgin forest.

Potential buyers and representing brokers should examine the hotel's web at www.bahialuminosa.com for an overview. Qualified buyers and their brokers may contact Garland Baker, seller's  representative.

E-mail to gmb@crexpertise.com - or FAX to 2256-7575. Please  copy any e-mails to Mr. Baker to tropics@thegrid.net (owner's California e-mail).  Any commission due on sale will be shared equally between buyer's and seller's representatives.

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